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A Guide To RSS Feeds For Dummies

RSS Feeds

If you are someone who visits a lot of websites and wish to keep track and read all the news and blog posts from several websites, you need to be aware of RSS feeds. Many a times, you could have seen the RSS feed icon (usually in orange & white) on your web-browser’s address bar, […]

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THINK Blogging to be Number One Resource


A lot of blogs and websites are having great designs, some great contents and getting some amount of visitors on daily basis. The problem is that those blogs and websites only attract visitors who are passerby that are not reading and understanding what their blogs or websites are about. This is the problem that is […]

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How to Write A SEO Friendly Article to Catch the Attention of Spiders?

Tips for blogging

Most bloggers think that for an article to be SEO friendly, they need to be filled with keywords. We think that to get a high ranking, we need to use the keywords like the way they appear in the keyword tags. The truth is that you can get good ranking if you know how to […]

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Tag Clouds: A Thing of The Past?

B2B Blog Words Cloud Image

Tag Clouds became very popular back in 2004. They were an innovative way to not only create links within your website to help your SEO, but also allow your readers to find the content they were looking for, quickly. While not as many people are using them today, they are still definitely a beneficial web […]

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SEO Borderline: 28 Ways to be Penalized by Google

Google Penalty

With the frenzy that is increasing in the web, following the updates of Google, the biggest concern of every blogger is to receive some penalties. The two most recent algorithms introduced by big G ( Panda and then Penguin) are the cause of a real mass psychosis, that has generated insomnia and fear to many webmasters across the world, which are still seeking help and information to […]

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How To Make A Website: The Basics

Build a Website

Every business owner should by now be aware of the importance of having an online presence, but the truth is that having a Facebook fan page is insignificant if prospective customers do not have a site to go to once they have gained the gist of what your product or service is all about. Obviously […]

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The Secret of Blogging: Make Writing Quality Contents Your First Priority

Content is King

What is blogging? What people are looking for when they come to your blog? What are you looking for when you are reading other people’s blog? What is the main thing you are looking for on a blog? So, what would be your answers for all the questions? Well, what I can say is that we are not […]

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Integrating SEO and Social

SEO & Social

There’s a whole load of debate at the moment about whether social mentions are going to become the new link building; and if SEO is eventually just going to turn into social media marketing. My stance on this is that they are definitely two disciplines that should be intertwined to give a website the best […]

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Link Building Strategy-Penguin Friendly

Forex Bonus SERP

The Penguin update crushed several sites. Most of the popular sites are literally shoved off into oblivion. Spam link building is attributed as the reason. Then again, it is not the whole truth. Some underlying factors were responsible too. However, we shall concentrate on the ways to overcome the mishap caused by Penguin. In order […]

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Updating Your SEO Strategy In Light of the Penguin Update

Following the 24th of April 2012, tremors of shock erupted in the internet marketing community, as Google’s latest Penguin Update was set into motion. With many of the websites and blogs still recovering from the Panda Update, the latest change installed by the search engine giant resulted in many websites getting de-indexed and consequently losing their […]

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