11 Mistakes that a Good Blogger Should Avoid

Mistakes to Avoid as a Blogger

Become a good blogger is the dream of anyone who decides to create a blog. There are some steps and suggestions that you can follow that will help you reach the success as blogger. Of course during the life of your blog the experience will teach you a lot, but there are also things that you must […]

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7 Tips on How to Increase Your Pageviews and Decrease Bounce Rate

Increase Page Views in your Blog

So you started a blog or you already have one, then you know that if you want to become a successful blogger and increase traffic to your blog, there are a lot of things that you should take care of : SEO and Internet Marketing, for example. Increasing page views and decreasing bounce rate in your site […]

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Why You Should Set Your Blog “DoFollow” ( and What is NoFollow tag? )

Backlinks Campaign

If you have some basics of SEO, then you should know that NoFollow blogs are absolutely useless for backlinking campaign, while DoFollow brings almost instant results. DoFollow is actually a “popular term”, used to refers to those sites that do not use the “NoFollow” attribute in their links. “NoFollow” is a value added to the attribute in a hyper […]

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How to Check if YOUR Content is Copied ( and Protect It )

Protect YOUR Content

The mainstay of any good website or blog is the content and find out if it will be copied can help you to protect the value of your efforts. Every blogger or freelancer writer knows that create original and high quality articles takes time and commitment, and if someone copy and paste your content brings you a real loss. The practice of copying of the content is very popular on the Internet, and […]

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How to Get 5 FREE High Ranking Backlinks Now ( DoFollow )

Get High PR Backlink FREE

  Do you want FREE high ranking backlinks ? Check these articles, where you can find several websites where you can thrill your backlinking campaign : - 79 Directories to Submit YOUR Blog for FREE ; - TOP 25 Sites for YOUR Article Marketing ; - 100+ Sites Where YOU can Share YOUR Content for FREE .   Also I invite you […]

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How to Get Focused Traffic from Forum Marketing

"Forum Marketing"

A great way to drive quality traffic to your website is with Forum Marketing. Forums are places where you can share some of your knowledge and in the same time learn from other people, and the discussion is always about a particular topic or niche.   How it Works The basic concept should be that […]

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TOP 25 Sites for YOUR Article Marketing

Article Marketing

One of the traditional way to build high quality backlinks and get more traffic to your site, is trough Article Marketing. It is a great way to promote your product, your service, your website or blog. All you have to do is build an high quality article, related to your niche, above all original and then submit […]

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How PINTEREST Can Boost Your Online Marketing


Pinterest is the trend of the moment : a site that allows people to save their favorite images across the web by “pinning” them to boards on their profile. Users can create vision boards based on any themes they choose, from “Cars & Motorcycles” to “Fitness”, from “Food & Drink” to “Travel & Places”, and […]

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79 Directories to Submit YOUR Blog for FREE

Blog Directories

You know that you need to build backlinks in order to get good ranking in search engines for your keywords and receive more traffic. There are many ways to build backlinks, one of the thing you should do is insert your blog in Directories. Below is a list of blog directories where you can submit your URL, for […]

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How to Write Emails That Work ( And Will Be Opened )

How to Write Emails that Work

Learn how to write e-mails that work may give something extra to your communications. Whether you are writing to a potential customer, a supplier or a colleague, the rules are always the same : an email must be written in the right way, in order to enhance your image and increases the impact of your message. […]

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