Check if You Have Been Affected by a Consumer Scandal


Consumer scandals are, unfortunately, all too common. From faulty products to deceptive advertising, businesses sometimes prioritise profits over the well-being of their customers. If you believe you have been directly affected by a scandal, consider contacting the manufacturer or retailer directly. They may be able to offer a refund or exchange, or perhaps they have a customer service department that can help you with your concerns.

It’s also crucial to contact a legal professional. A solicitor can help you determine if you have a legal case against the manufacturer or retailer and advise you on the best course of action. Consumer scandals can be frustrating and scary. However, by staying informed and taking the necessary steps to protect yourself, you can minimise their impact on your life and prevent companies from continuing to harm their customers.

Potential impacts of the scandals in your life

Scams in the consumer world can have various impacts on your life, depending on the severity and nature of the issue. Some potential consequences include the following:

  1. Financial loss: You may have spent money on something that does not meet your expectations or paid more than you should. 
  2. Health and Safety Concerns: Some cases may involve products that risk your health or safety. For example, a faulty car part could lead to an accident, or a food product that has been contaminated could make you sick. 
  3. Loss of trust: If you have been personally affected by such an event, you may feel betrayed by the company or organisation involved, making it difficult to do business with other companies in the future.
  4. Emotional impact: You may feel angry, frustrated or anxious about the situation, and moving on can be challenging.
  5. Time and effort: Resolving the issue can be time-consuming and requires significant effort. You may need to contact the company, file a complaint or participate in legal proceedings. As a result, you will be wasting time and energy that could be used for other activities.

Examples of consumer scandals that lead to claims

  • Diesel emissions scandal

The diesel emissions scandal, also known as “Dieselgate,” is a significant consumer scandal that has been happening since 2015. It involves Volkswagen (VW) and their subsidiaries, Audi and Porsche, which installed “defeat devices” in their diesel vehicles. It allowed them to cheat on emissions tests. The consequences of the scandal have been significant for VW, with billions of pounds in fines and compensation payments to affected customers.

  • Mis-sold investments

Mis-sold investments can include pension schemes, stocks and bonds. The impact of mis-sold investments on individuals can be devastating, as they may lose significant amounts of money and be unable to recover their losses. 

  • PCP claims

PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) claims are a type of consumer scandal that has emerged in recent years. PCP is a popular way to finance the purchase of a car, where the buyer pays a deposit and then makes monthly payments over a fixed term. At the end of the period, the buyer can either return the car or make a final “balloon” payment to own the vehicle outright.

PCP claims involve mis-sold PCP agreements, such as being deceived about the cost of the agreement or the condition of the car at the end of the term. For example, some buyers may not fully understand the contract terms or the financial implications of failing to make the final balloon payment.

PCP claims can have significant financial burdens for individuals, as they may be left with a car they cannot afford or may have paid more than they should have. It can also lead to legal disputes between the buyer and the financial institution that provided the PCP agreement.

  • Plevin PPI claims

PPI is a type of insurance often offered alongside loans, credit cards and mortgages. It is designed to help individuals make repayments when they cannot do so due to sickness, unemployment or other reasons. However, many PPI policies were mis-sold, resulting in customers being overcharged and purchasing policies unsuitable for their needs. In many cases, individuals were unaware of the commission paid to the financial institution or advisor that sold them the PPI policy. 

  • Mis-sold mortgages

Mis-sold mortgages can take many forms, such as being sold:

  • An interest-only mortgage without being fully informed of the risks.
  • A mortgage with a high early repayment charge without being made aware of it.
  • A mortgage that is unaffordable in the long term. 

A mis-sold mortgage can lead to financial difficulties, including missed payments, arrears and repossession of the property.

  • Tenancy deposit claims

In the UK, landlords are required to protect their tenants’ deposits in a government-backed tenancy deposit protection scheme and provide information about deposit protection to the tenant. Failure to do so can result in penalties and the payment of compensation.

Tenants should keep records of any correspondence with their landlord regarding their deposit. In addition, they should take photos of the property before and after their tenancy to prove they have not damaged it.

Fight for your rights

Consumer scandals can significantly impact individuals’ lives, both financially and emotionally. To avoid being affected by such cases, consumers should be aware of their rights and take steps to protect themselves. It includes being informed and aware of the products and services they are buying, seeking independent advice when necessary, and thoroughly reading and understanding the terms and conditions of any agreements.

Complain to the relevant authorities or seek legal advice if you have been affected. While it can be a stressful and frustrating experience, taking action can help rectify the situation and prevent others from being harmed as well.

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