Do Not Make These Serious SEO Mistakes – 23 Key Points to Check


Every blogger wish to reach the best position in search engines rankings. You strive for this to happen, using the SEO techniques that seem most effective.

But search engine optimization is a complex discipline.

It is also constantly changing, as they are the algorithms of search engines. Therefore, it is often easy to make mistakes.

It happens that you adopt a SEO technique, you believe it will bring a benefit to your website ranking, and instead you risk even a penalization!

What can you do? Is there a sure recipe for the positioning of websites?

The answer is no. There is not a foolproof recipe, because there are so many factors to consider. And then, you should think that what works for one website does not mean it’s good for another.

However, experience shows that some optimization techniques certainly work (until today, tomorrow we will see!).

In fact, nobody can predict how search engines algorithms will change.

The question that need to be answered is this: what are the most frequent and most serious SEO mistakes?

If you know the most common SEO errors, then you can avoid them.

So let’s see this list. There are four categories :  conceptual mistakes, technical ones, the ones on content and those on links.

SEO Conceptual Mistakes

Here are a few SEO mistakes that can be defined “conceptual”. It is a question of error that arise from having misunderstood SEO profound meaning, in other words its essence.

1 . SEO is dead.

It’s not true. SEO is still in good health. It is common to say sometimes that this or that thing is dead …

2 . SEO is a discipline that has to do with search engines, so you should create content written exclusively for the search engines, while neglecting the needs of users.

Very wrong. The first thought of those who create content should always be for humans. This means you need to write quality content that readers of the website found not only interesting, but also perfectly legible and understandable.

3 . With SEO you can get fast results.

False. The positioning of the websites is a job that takes time. Just to give you an idea: in principle, SEO interventions give good results after three to six months.

4 . Since SEO is so important, you have to over-optimize a website.

Bad idea. The over-optimization can bring more problems than benefits (Google will give you a penalty for this).

SEO Technical Mistakes

This is a list of errors caused by incorrect application of the techniques of search engine optimization. Also in this case, you can produce considerable damage to the positioning of your websites on search engines.

Be sure to avoid these errors.

5 . Create too heavy pages.

The loading time of a page affect its ranking on search engines, that’s why having an optimized WordPress hosting is important. You want your site to load quickly, so to achieve better organic positioning.

6 . Having broken links on your website.

Besides giving usability problems, broken links prevent the search engine spiders to scan the entire site and, therefore, they may make some non-indexable content. TIP : use “broken links checker” WordPress plugin.

7 . Create too long URL or too full of keywords.

You should instead think about URL as short as possible and which contain only your most important keywords.

8 . The website does not have clear architecture.

This is a serious SEO damage. Let’s take an example. The primary keyword of this post is “SEO mistakes”. In your opinion, from the point of view of SEO, which of the two URLs below is more effective?



9 . Do not create a sitemap.

Instead, creating a sitemap will help search engines to navigate into your website more easily, while considering all of your pages. TIP : use “Google XML Sitemaps” plugin.

10 . Do not upgrade your site or blog.

This is a mistake you pay over time. The freshness of content helps a good ranking of websites on search engines. In this sense, the results in positioning in the SERPs are increasingly at risk: what you have achieved must be defended with a continuous work.

SEO Content Mistakes

We know that content is the king on the web. Therefore, you should first strive to create quality content. At the same time, this content must also be well optimized. See some mistakes you must avoid while creating your content.

11 . Creating duplicate content.

The duplicate content has been severely penalized by Google. TIP : use Duplichecker or other online tools to check duplicate content.

12 . Use multiple languages ​​on the same page.

This can confuse the search engine spiders.

13 . Use the same title tag for multiple pages.

Each page should have its own specific title tag.

14 . Do not insert the primary keyword in the text of title tag, H1 tag, description tag and H2-H6 tags.

This means weakening the effectiveness of your on-page SEO.

15 . Do keyword stuffing.

This behavior is powerfully penalized by Google!

16 . Do not insert images within your content.

The images, if applicable, are an aid to convey the message of your content. Moreover, if properly optimized, they provide significant advantages in SEO terms. In short: the positioning of a website which pages contain images that are properly optimized is better. TIP : fill the attributes title and alt text of your images.

17 . Being stingy with internal links between pages of your website.

The internal links can instead make a good contribution to the positioning of the pages of your website.

SEO Link Building Mistakes

Since links are so important, you must pay attention to not make these mistakes.

18 . Create links to SPAM websites.

There can be many problems doing this, especially if the number of links to spam sites is high. In this sense, you should install on your website or blog a spam filter that intercepts the comments on the articles or posts containing a link to a spam site. TIP : use “CommentLuv“, which contain GASP, a powerful anti-SPAM comments plugin.

19 . Have few internal links.

As mentioned above, internal links instead have positive effects on the positioning of websites.

20 . Doing link exchange or even buying links.

These practices are punished by Google. Links to your website must be natural.

21 . Neglecting the power of the anchor text.

Choosing the right anchor text is important for the positioning of your websites.

22 . Having links that do not work.

As mentioned above, in addition to the damage in terms of web usability, if the links are broken the internal content of your pages may not be read by the spiders.

23 . Register your website to directories considered as SPAM by Google & other search engines.

Think a lot before choosing to submit your website to directories. Choose only the high quality ones.


This is a list of SEO errors you should avoid.

In your opinion, which are the most common and serious SEO mistakes?

Please let me know in the comments, thanks!

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