Creative Ways Corporations Are Going Green And How You Can Too


Creating and implementing sustainable and eco-friendly products is the new trend. If you don’t believe that, ask the multibillion-dollar corporations that are jumping on the bandwagon. Yep, even the companies which made their money the retro way are happy to help the planet as long as it aides their bottom line. And, because they’re the leaders in creative thinking, some of the new ideas are pretty cool. Forget about a smart meter in the office or selling the printer because they were so last year. Nowadays, it’s about airplanes and customer mobilisation.

Here are the modern trends and how you can implement them.


Bring It Back

Plenty of businesses try to recycle their packaging to cut down on plastics usage. The problem is that it’s out of your hands, literally, once the parcel is with the shopper. How they deal with it is their prerogative, unless you’re Pizza Fusion. PF is a fast-food franchise with chains across the United States, but that’s not their best quality. The bring-back-your-pizza-box is by far and away their finest feature. By rewarding customers for returning the cardboard, you can ensure it is dealt with properly. And, it’s doubly effective with items which are bought more than once.


Amazon Algorithm

As soon as you proceed to the checkout, the AI on the Amazon website swings into action. Among other things, it works out how much packaging the item needs for the delivery process. Have you ever received a book from them? Now you know why it comes in a tailor-made cardboard case rather than a tonne of plastic. Without doing anything too strenuous, the company can point to their effort to help the planet. With a similar algorithm, you can follow suit. You might also want to copy their “Packaging Feedback” program.


3 Degrees Of Separation

Millions of tonnes of items are shipped around the world via planes and boats. As a result, there is a lot of carbon which is released into the atmosphere on a daily basis. UPS decided to tackle their footprint by changing the way their planes landed. Rather than the traditional approach, they use the three-degree-slope-under-idle-power rule. According to estimates, it should reduce emissions by 34%. You can do the same with trucks by monitoring the driver’s style. Plus, you can switch diesel and petrol for gas oil. Otherwise known as red diesel, it contains as much as 7% biodiesel and 10ppm less sulphur.



One Man’s Trash

With the help of Worldwise Inc., Walmart upcycles its rubbish and sells them in-store. How it works is simple: the company provides the raw materials, and the partner does the creative stuff. Both get their cut and the shopper gets a quality item at a low price as well as a novelty factor. You don’t have to do this from scratch; plenty of objects on the scrap heap are easy to renovate. Focus on things such as furniture and electrical appliances.


How creative are you willing to get for the sake of the planet?


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