How QNET Distinguishes a Legitimate MLM From a Pyramid Scheme


QNET is one of Asia’s leading direct selling companies, offering a variety of valuable goods for their Independent Representatives (IRs) to purchase and distribute on the company’s behalf. IRs can choose from high-end products in categories like Health & Wellness, Personal Care & Beauty, Watches & Jewelry, Holidays, and Technology.

IRs make purchases, receive goods, and then go on to sell them for profit. They are provided with access to education and tools designed to help them succeed so that the company succeeds. The process is meant to drive profit and ensure ongoing success for all involved.

Although many multi-level marketing (MLM) companies are branded as pyramid schemes, QNET has gone above and beyond to distinguish itself from these unscrupulous operations. Here are a few of the important characteristics that prove QNET is a legitimate MLM operation.



Pyramid schemes are notorious for taking money while failing to offer commensurate value. They say they’re offering an opportunity for their representatives to earn a good living, often promising outrageous earnings in record time. Unfortunately, these companies provide no support to help ensure that their network of sellers is actually prepared to sell the goods they purchase.

QNET is different. QNET understands that the company only succeeds if it’s network of representatives is successful. This company goes above and beyond to provide education and resources that help IRs to understand their business and their products, giving them the greatest potential to make sales, earn a living, and expand the brand.

Without a dedicated and growing network of representatives, QNET could not succeed, and they go out of their way to ensure IRs have the resources necessary to make the most of their investment.


Opportunities to Earn

In most pyramid schemes, the products being sold are actually of secondary importance. The main way in which people earn is through recruitment. The goal of these schemes is for one seller to recruit other sellers, and so on and so on.

Those who recruit gain commissions and this is how they really make their money, rather than selling products. This is why so many pyramid schemes eventually collapse on themselves – eventually there’s no on left to recruit.

This is not how QNET operates. There is no commission for recruiting new IRs. Money is earned from the sale of goods, so IRs have to work hard to earn a living, just like any other job. They recruit others because they believe in the products they sell and the company they represent.



One of the infamous hallmarks of pyramid schemes is the no-refund policy. Once you buy products, you’re stuck with them. This is not the case with QNET. As Head of Corporate Communications for QNET in India Nishchal Churamani explains, “…the company has done refunds to the tune of almost INR 1,000 crore in the last four years for genuine complaints.”

QNET is a legitimate MLM company, not a pyramid scheme. The value they provide, the opportunities they promote, and the refunds they offer all set them apart from schemes that are only interested in taking money, rather than helping sellers make money.


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