Omni-Channels are the Nirvana of Internet Marketing


In order to be successful in your online venture you have to develop original strategies, conduct in-depth analysis and make use of unusual internet marketing gimmicks.

The harsh truth is that competition is getting tougher and tougher, and new businesses are rapidly expanding. If you want to place yourself at the top of the food chain you must use original techniques.

Sadly, most marketers resort to expensive and time consuming tricks that do more harm than good. The best way to set yourself apart from other companies is by adding a creative touch to your strategies.

Obviously, in order to thrive you will have to create a name for yourself on social media networks, optimize your website, create mobile apps and build a community, but there is one more thing you should definitely consider.

In case you haven’t heard, „omni-channel” marketing has become the latest trend, and for good reason.


What is Omni-Channel Marketing?

For those who are already familiar with the term of multi-channel retailing, omni-channel is similar in many ways. Multi-channel retailing was designed to make the experience of the customer more enjoyable and to facilitate his online journey.

In other words, this type of internet marketing strategy isn’t centered around numbers, but around the needs of the potential client.

Omni-channel marketing is an evolution of multi-channel, with the main difference that it is even more focused on enhancing the user’s experience through all possible channels.

It is basically the sum of all encounters related to the brand, and it is designed to provide the most consistent and seamless experience.

Before multi-channel marketing, businesses were divided into many, separate channels. The mediums, which function with the help of specific software, were considered a touch-point in the customer’s journey.

However, this meant that every channel was divided, independent, and overall, coherent data could not be collected. For the retailer it meant guessing at cross-channel ROI, and never having a clear understanding of what the client wants.

Thanks to omni-channel, we are now able to improve the response rate, loyalty and satisfaction of the potential client.

We will not be making use of multiple campaigns, but of only one that is applicable to all mediums, and which will gradually engage with the customer.


Why is Omni-Channel Marketing Important?

The tremendous growth of social media proved that online success is no longer dependent on traffic and numbers, but on enhancing the customer experience whenever, and wherever he is. With omni-channel, it no longer matters if the client is online, offline, social or mobile, because you will be able to give him the right message, at the right time.

This new marketing method has sent shockwaves through the internet world, so you’d better hop on the wave before it is too late.

As an active internet marketing strategist you are probably aware that there is no falling asleep at the wheel if you want to be successful.

You are probably also aware that in order to create a strong personal brand you will have to perpetually tweak, and optimize your key features. Omni-channel will enable you to secure your position on social media channels, search engines, mobile devices and other communities all at the same time.

Each channel will have awareness of the other, and by putting the data together the website will understand the client on a very personal level.


How Omni-Channel Marketing Works

At this point you are probably thinking that this new marketing strategy is awesome, and you are right. Combining all elements, which were previously treated as separate entities, and later conducting a comprehensive research that in turn generates rigorous and relevant consumer profiles may change the future of internet marketing as we know it.

However, creating the infrastructure for omni-channel is extremely complicated because it requires perfect coordination between IT and marketing practices.

Moreover, the marketer will now be faced with a bigger challenge because it is not only one separate task that he has to complete, but rather interlinked actions that will affect the overall performance of the business.

It is no secret that most successful online ventures are dominated by performance, SEO, monetization and PPC. With the help of omni-channel, which pays close attention to data reports, tagging and customer experience, the retailer can gain the edge.

Omni-channel marketing is still unknown to many, and this means a new opportunity for your company.

If you play your cards well, you can brand your business, make it unforgettable, and offer the best services.

Take Apple for example. This extremely efficient company has become master of digital sales and delivery, but it has yet to harness the massive force that is Social Media.

Try to imagine what would happen if Apple decided to correlate its online presence on social networks with the help of omni-channel strategies?


A Few Things you Should Consider

There has been much heated debate on the subject, but the unanimous opinion was that omni-channels represent key to escaping the „vertical silos” to which we are forced by dedicated mobile sites and truncated plans of action.

If you are seriously thinking of reaching out to your customers across all platforms here are a few points that should be found on your checklist.

 – Omni-Channels

I cannot stress more the importance of correlating different channels in order to take full advantage of the features of omni-channel marketing. Mobile internet, websites, digital screens, social media, and game consoles should be integrated in your strategy. There is no denying the power of these tools, and I can assure you that your customer will thank you for providing him with a continuous story.

– Omni-Tech

Near-field communication and mobile payments will no longer be treated like separated mediums, but rather elements which are working together with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other technologies. Responsive design which has already become very popular will enhance the user’s experience and big data will provide with coherent background. Companies like Paysafe are the perfect example of this integration, through the offer of payment processing and digital wallets.


The list could go on forever, and the reality is that omni-channels have infinite potential because they stretch beyond the goal of generating profits.

They offer the possibility of reaching out to your target audience, building durable relationships, and because nobody has mastered the technique until now, it offers great opportunities for future ventures.

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