The Best Mobile Phone Suppliers for Businesses


Many businesses rely on their staff having easy access to mobile phones. Any company with engineers or similar staff out in the field, will need to find the best deals on these phones, otherwise the costs will get stupid. If you need to get phone contracts for all of your staff, the costs might prove to be too much.

Due to the mobile supplier industry being oversaturated, it can be very difficult to find the best deals for the individual phones, due to the sheer amount of companies all offering very similar contracts and products.

Luckily for you, I have done the hard work and searched all of the major players to find their best deals.



The two best deals I can see for O2 are:

  • Apple iPhone 6 – 16GB – 24 Months – Unlim. Mins. and Texts – 6GB Data – 4G
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – 32GB – 24 Months – Unlim. Mins. and Texts – 3GB Data – 4G

Both of these are on the market for £31.50 a month, and the only real differences are whether you prefer Apple to Samsung and that the Galaxy has double the storage but half the data. I would go for the Samsung on this one, personally.



Vodafone have similar deals to O2, but more expensive, however if you’re looking for a cheaper contract they have this one:

  • Sony Xperia XA – 16GB – 24 Months – Unlim. Mins. and Texts – 1GB Data – 4G

For this list, I’m only picking the deals that include unlimited minutes, because for business purposes, that’s essential. This one is £24 a month, which is less that the two from O2, but you get a lot less data. This is a very viable option if you’re looking for a good phone, for less monthly cost then some of the bigger competitors.



EE is rather expensive, however they do boast the best data coverage of any of the suppliers … according to Kevin Bacon, anyway. One of the better deals I found on EE’s site was this:

  • Microsoft Lumia 650 – 16GB – 24 Months – Unlim. Mins and Texts – 4GB Data – 4G

This one will set you £30.99 a month, but has double speed 4G. All of the phones I talk about in this article have zero upfront costs. You can find great deals on phones that have all of the benefits I’ve mentioned here, but only cost £10 a month, however you usually have to pay between £70 and £500 upfront.


SIM Only

You might want to get a SIM only deal, which is cheaper as you don’t need to worry about a phone and you can just get some cheapy one from online, or you can use old phones and insert the new sim into. The only issue with this is a lot of phones will be locked by the supplier but if you visit they will be able to help you unlock the phone and use it with your new SIM.


If you need your staff to have a good quality phone to complete their work, then they are going to have to get one of the contracts mentioned here. If they only require phone calls and texts and don’t require internet or any of the other perks from modern day phones, then you’re best off buying a cheap Nokia online and a SIM.


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