How to Secure a Great Virtual Office Address in Hong Kong


With a virtual office, your business can learn how to find success in flexibility. It can be agile, responsive, and proactive when it comes to both the financial markets and your specific industry. This is because the ‘virtual office’ is a communal space; a pay as you go, come as you want workplace. If you’ve never tried it before, it might sound a little strange, but hundreds of thousands of companies, all around the world, are enjoying the benefits of this fluid system.

As one of the fastest growing economies on the planet, China is the destination of choice for many of these enterprises. It is has diverse, fast moving markets and provides plenty of opportunities for growth and expansion. It is a great place for younger companies, but the main difficulty associated with moving here is the expense. However, with a virtual office, this is not a problem; you can start using cutting edge software and facilities right away.

Keep reading for more information and advice on securing an impressive virtual office address in Hong Kong.


Choose Your Location Wisely

With Servcorp, entrepreneurs and businesses have access to three distinct and prestigious virtual offices and the addresses that come with them. They are the Two International Finance Centre, the Hong Kong Club Building, and at One Peking Road. All of the facilities provide fully equipped workstations, communal work areas, computer banks, advanced software, meeting rooms, and much more. Visit for more information on the different packages available.

If you are interested in working in one of these virtual offices, you’ll need to register with the provider. This is the same for all virtual office vendors, but not all of them offer immediate access. Depending on the popularity of the address, there may be a brief waiting period. It is important to ask, at the outset, whether this will be the case, so that you can put plans in place for the interim. Even with a waiting list, the benefits of a virtual office are simply huge.


Waiting for an Iconic Location

One of the best things about the virtual office is that you can operate from a highly regarded corporate address, without actually have to pay for an independent lease. This is really important, particularly for smaller companies and startups, because home businesses tend to be viewed with more suspicion. They are trusted less and clients and customers would always rather work with an official, verifiable enterprise.

The good news is that, even if you are a very young company with a tight budget, you can operate ‘piecemeal’ from one of these shared workspaces. That way, you never end up paying for resources that you don’t need and you’re not locked into any long term contracts. Your capital is free and so are your prospects. If something unexpected happens or the markets take a turn for the worse, you can downgrade or make adjustments immediately.


Take Time to Get Your Bearings

Once you have signed up to work with a virtual office in Hong Kong, take the time to really get to know its resources and the opportunities that it offers. With this kind of setup, businesses have the chance to pick and choose the facilities that they need. This is a great way to minimise expenditure and avoid wasted capital. For instance, at Servcorp, there are secretarial and administrative teams on hand to help out if you need them.

However, you don’t have to use these resources. If you are on a tight budget or you don’t need a secretary, you can handle the work yourself. Nonetheless, it is nice for companies (particularly young ones) to know that the support is always present and easy to access. If you get a chance, talk with some of the current occupants and users; they’ll be able to give you the best picture of why Servcorp virtual office solutions are the best in Hong Kong.


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