8 Proven Success Tips for Beginner YouTubers


Video content is taking over the digital space and it is estimated that an average person will spend 100 minutes every day watching this type of content by 2021. That is why video blogging isn’t just fun, it is now a business! Talking of vlogging and YouTube is the first site that comes to mind. It is one of the most-visited sites on the web with an estimated monthly traffic of over 1.6 billion visits. So, are you interested in starting out your vlogging career on YouTube? It is quite easy to get started plus with the right content, consistency and skillset, you will soon be cashing in. Here are some beginner tips that will help you carve that path to success on YouTube.  


Invest in the right equipment 

The beauty is that as a beginner, you can start off recording your vlogs with your phone as long as you have the right content. That said, if you want your followers to enjoy your content, invest in the right equipment as you grow. For instance, get a camera that can record high-quality videos that will sell your content to viewers whose attention span is decreasing by the day. It doesn’t have to be expensive. There are varieties of cameras for vlogging in the market, but you can start with a quality Webcam or a Camcorder. If you are ready to make a good investment, then a mirrorless camera or a DSLRs are a perfect choice. You can also invest in a gimbal stabilizer or tripod, lenses as well as studio lighting. A good microphone is also a starter pack gear in your vlogging journey.  


Plan on Content 

Before creating a YouTube channel, you need to figure out the kind of content you want to show to your viewers. For instance, you can decide to post content on travel, physical exercise, day to day life, or food recipes, etc.  Remember, people like watching content they can enjoy and relate to. Thus, if your content is exciting and engaging, your views and followers will increase.

Tip: Do a bit of research on the competition in the niche. You can still venture into a crowded space, albeit spice up your content to stand out.  


Be consistent 

One most effective way to keep your followers coming back to your channel is consistency. Before you start vlogging, ensure that you can create content that will enable consistent uploads. Keep your content upload schedule consistent so that your viewers know when to expect it. This will make them revisit your channel to check if the latest vlog is posted. Posting regularly keeps your channel fresh, ensuring that you don’t stagnate. The formatting of your content, for example, your YouTube channel intro, should also be to reinforce your brand.  


Learn to Edit like a Pro 

Editing your video is the most critical post-vlogging to give your content that professional touch. Editing will allow you to cut out errors like an interruption and the likes from your vlog to ensure that you upload polished content. As a beginner on YouTube, you need to learn video and audio editing to make it easier to work on a budget. You don’t need to be a pro on the Adobe suite and the likes. You can start out using easy, free, easy to use tools to produce top video quality content. Learn to use YouTube’s video editor to edit videos fast and easy. You should also learn to edit audio. You can also tap on simple editing and converter tools. For example, you can convert m4a to mp3 and between other formats on your Mac, depending on what you are looking to achieve as you process your videos. It is also good to learn a bit of image editing and again, there are tools online like Canva that can let you handle this the easy way. Remember, you don’t need to be a pro. Just learn the basics and use free simple tools to get the job done. 


Search for inspirations 

As you continue uploading new content, you can get to a point where you face challenges with creating fresh content. Look for inspiration everywhere, like from videos, movies, shows, or places you like visiting. When an idea crosses your mind, write it down so you do not forget. Try to get ideas from more experienced Youtubers rather than letting them create self-doubt on your content’s quality. Remember, most of them also started at the same place you are today. Try to also explore techniques that can better your vlogging, like editing styles, filming techniques, etc. 


Optimize your Videos 

Once you have your content ready, it is also smart to ensure fans can find it easy. For example, try to optimize the content for SEO to enable the videos rank higher YouTube.  First, name your videos using a descriptive title and common long-tail keywords; ensure that you insert the keyword naturally. Also, depending on your topic, tag your YouTube videos with popular keywords. Your viewers will find it easier to understand the context and the content of your video. Besides, it is a way of communicating with YouTube, and it helps them figure out how to associate your video with similar content. Be careful not to use irrelevant tags as Google can penalize you for misleading viewers. Google offers a character limit of 1000 characters on the video description.  

Tip: Give your viewers a brief description of your video; You do not have to write 1000 characters but ensure that your description is at least 200 characters. Make your description friendly to the search engine by front-loading it with target keywords and long-tail keywords variation. Ensure crucial information like links or CTAs also come first as your viewers may not read the whole description. 


Build your YouTube network 

You will also need to work towards building your network if you want to be successful on YouTube. You can collaborate with other YouTubers to cross-promote. The method has proven to be effective in growing a channel and gaining subscribers. Do not feel intimidated to contact better Youtubers for collaborations as long as you can offer value in exchange. Also, share your YouTube video links on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to attract more viewers.  


Ignore Negative Comments 

Uploading a YouTube video means that you are putting it out to the whole world. Regardless of how good or how hard you have worked to create your content, some ruthless people out there will always write hateful comments to bring you down. It would be best to focus on the positive comments and use the negative comments as a sign that you are growing! 


Final Remarks 

As a YouTube beginner, doing things the right way will enhance your success. Start small using what you can access, work hard, be consistent and stay patient. It will pay over time! 

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