Video Marketing Tips That Increase View Count


In order to create a great business video you need resources, time and talent. This is normally a process that is time-consuming and expensive. To make things even more complicated, after all is done and the video is ready, it is time to promote it. This is where businesses tend to fail.

Video marketing is complicated for most people because the regular content strategies they are used to are simply not effective. Fortunately, there are always many different things that can be done in order to increase view counts. Some of the highly effective ones are presented below.


Optimize Video Thumbnail

Video thumbnails stand out as the vital components driving visitors to playing videos. The video needs to be great but the way in which it is perceived does count for the actual view. This is why you will see so many custom thumbnails in the related tab on YouTube.

According to statistics, having an image of a human that makes direct eye contact and smiles is the most effective way to increase play rates. This is because people relate and are drawn by others. Smiling is also attractive for most.


Run Video Campaigns On Social Media

One of the best ways to drive people to videos is to offer something that is available for free. This works particularly well on social networks as people share and spread the giveaway. You thus get more visitors to your landing page.

An extra tip that should be considered is to adapt the video that you add to the social network based on individual requirements. You can easily use a program like Movavi Video Converter in order to change absolutely all video format settings. This guarantees optimum playback, no matter the device used for browsing.


Include Share Buttons Inside The Video Player

As already showcased, social media is really powerful. Most internet users actually start and end their days on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat or other networks. This is the reason why you want to make sure the videos you promote are as easy to share as possible on social networks.

Look for video players that give you the possibility to include the share buttons. An example of this is the Wistia player but other options do exist.


Ask People To Share Videos

This is something that is definitely obvious but in most cases business owners just do not take advantage of the networks they have. Friends are always going to help and share content. This is why you want to be sure that you ask your colleagues, industry connections, friends, nephews, employees and so on. What is important here is to ask contacts that are as connected to the target market as possible. If you sell shoes for toddlers but those that share videos do not have children, you do not get much extra awareness.


Final Thoughts

There are countless video marketing strategies that can be considered. Those above are going to increase view count but you can definitely use many others. Make sure that you test various strategies and you stick to what is proven to work.


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