Three More Ways To Generate Extra Income In 2016


Most of us hold down a solid job, and manage to get by on its salary. However, it’s in our nature never to be quite satisfied with that! If your career is in a rut or you just want a better quality of life, there’s only one thing for it: more money! In 2016, there are a range of ways to bring in more income. Here are just a few.


Join Uber, Lyft, or the next big one

Uber and Lyft, just two companies in their relatively new niche, are expected to destroy the taxi business in the next few years! This unique take on public transport is already massive, and that’s not going to change any time soon. If you haven’t tried one of these services already, then I suggest starting there. It’s usually quicker than booking a conventional taxi, and is almost always cheaper. If you sign up as an Uber driver, you could be earning around $35 per hour. Your actual working hours are fairly flexible, so you should have no problem fitting it into your life. Aside from that, you get to meet a whole spectrum of characters!


Code, design and write for websites




Perhaps you’d love to be an Uber driver, but have too many responsibilities at home. If you have any experience with working on websites, and a portfolio to prove it, then taking freelance work can be a brilliant way to supplement your income. Every business in 2016 needs a functional website. However, hiring programmers on a salary can be very expensive. The most popular solution to this problem is hiring freelancers. Whether your talent is graphic design, programming or content writing, you can be sure there’s someone who will pay for it. The more varied your skills are, the more you’ll make. If you offered to design a logo and write all the content for a site for £300, most business owners will look at it as a complete bargain! Brush up on your skills, get your name out there, and watch the money roll in!


Investment and trading

We all know that you can make a fortune on the financial markets, almost as easily as you can ruin yourself through them! If you don’t mind a little risk, and you have the capital to hand, then investment could be the way to go. These days, there are countless programs and resources that let you watch the moves of the stock market live. This has made it easier than ever for people like you and me to get into trading and see a nice return. The options don’t stop there though! Flipping houses is expected to be an incredibly lucrative way to invest over the coming years. Other avenues like precious metals and FOREX trading are also worth checking out. Just be aware that all of these markets have their risks. Do extensive research before jumping in the deep end!

If these three methods don’t interest you, then keep looking. There will always be opportunities for more income, and today we have a wider range than ever!

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