Five Awesome Benefits of Writing About Your Industry


Writing about your industry entails serious writing skills. It requires numerous hours devoted to researching, reading, writing, and editing.

The fun part comes when the article gets uploaded and you see it being shared on various social media sites, thereby gaining much feedback from readers (and potential customers).

But what do you write about?

Do you discuss the latest trends?

Do you pour your heart and soul into learning something and then writing about it?

Or do you write something that you are passionate about, something that you really know?

You could be well-versed in the automotive industry, writing for an online audience, or choosing fashionable clothes for every occasion.

Wherever your expertise lies, here are some benefits of writing about a topic that you intimately know:


1 . Show Your Knowledge

When you write about a topic that you think is something right up your alley, your article will showcase your knowledge and expertise in that field.

This is a definite bonus, because the end goal in online business is to be recognized as the expert on a given topic. To maximize this benefit, avoid distorting facts just to sway your readers to see your side.

Make sure that the article will be kept factual, because you want to earn the trust of your followers. Moreover, data can always be crosschecked online. So base your article on facts and keep it straight to the point.


[alert-success]Write evergreen content. Whenever you write about something in your field of expertise, make sure that many people can read it over and over again, and still find it useful for the next 3 to 4 years in the future. [/alert-success]


2 . Educate Your Readers

Writing about a topic you know gives you the opportunity to educate your readers.

Your website then serves as the gateway to have your own ideas and opinion reach a multitude of people.

Most importantly, the power of social media also allows other people to share your thoughts to their own network.


[alert-announce]Always try to reach out to give small tips and insights to your readers, even on informative posts. It’s always good to give out unexpected hooks so they can always find value in your content.[/alert-announce]


3 . Be Original

It gives you the chance to display your originality.

There are tons and tons of topics out there already people have written about. But when you write an article out of your own words and thoughts, “purer” ideas and thoughts are conveyed to your readers in the sense that the finished article relays your own voice and opinion—not someone else’s.

A lot of the articles posted online came from other websites, and the redundancy is what kills an article’s life in the internet.


[alert-note]Being original also means that you have fewer thoughts to worry about in having duplicate issues with other sites, and search engines![/alert-note]


4 . Choose Your Passion

When you write about a topic that you are passionate about, words flow more naturally.

The ideas are spawned by your passion, which translates to having little to no stress at all when creating the types of articles you want to write about. If you are a business and can write superb 1500-word articles about management, start-ups, etc., go try writing the same amount of words about, let’s say, lawnmower parts.

You can imagine how much researches you will need to get your juices flowing about an industry you have possibly little to no knowledge at all!


5 . Get Satisfaction

Lastly, when you write about your own topic, it gives you the satisfaction of seeing your own thoughts and ideas out there for everybody to see.

Remember, you are blogging not only for the benefit of gaining money from your ads, but you are sharing information to everyone who is reading your posts.

You can’t imagine how precious it is for a business to have his content go viral.


[alert-warning]Try mentioning influencers in your content. If you want them to take notice of you, give them a boost as well! This is a very effective ego bait.[/alert-warning]


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2 thoughts on “Five Awesome Benefits of Writing About Your Industry

  1. It’s interesting to see some of my colleagues use LinkedIn posts related to their industry to really build a brand around themselves. They’ve been very effective at getting opportunities that wouldn’t get normally by just being in a job. Perhaps you should add that as another advantage!

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