Surviving PUBG For Longer Play: Tips For Noobs


Even if you’re new to the gaming world, the chances that you’ve heard of this popular game before are pretty high. PlayerUnknowns’ BattleGround, or as it is more commonly known as PUBG, is a multiplayer online game.  

Its immersive experience is sure to have you addicted to it soon, especially if you’re into shooting games. That being said, even if you’re not pro, let’s say you’re a ‘noob’ you can still get the hang of the game with these easy tips. 


Pochinki is the Most Visited Location on the Map

It’s quite easy to sway away with the urge to make more and bigger loots. And in the attempt, you might want to go to Pochinki, for it has lots of buildings. Obviously, there’s a lot to loot in Pochinki but at the same time, the place is one of the most dangerous locations on the map. After all, most of the players choose Pochinki for their landing and beware, many of them are pros. 


Keep Note of the Shrinking Play Area 

A quick note on the game, it keeps getting smaller and smaller. Not the game exactly, but the area for playing. You’ll hear the operator making announcements every now and then, ‘the play zone is shrinking. The developers have made sure that the game actually ends. Noteworthy is, if you happen to be outside the play zone, marked with a moving blue circle, you’ll die a slow death. But, you can find pubg hack to prevent this from happening. That being said, of course, if the play area remains the same in size players won’t find contenders to kill. So, it is needed that you keep a note of when the play area is shrinking. 


Use a really Good Pair of Headphones 

The best feature of the game is it lets players chat over voice. Yes, you read that right. In fact, this is one of those features that let this game achieve its current stature and popularity. If you really wish to be all attentive during your gameplay, make sure you use a good pair of headphones. It will help you know when someone is crossing near you and if someone is trying to take a shot at you. The game actually has sound effects for all these elements. 


Don’t Forget to Take Your Meds

Lastly, if you really wish to last longer in the play, you need to recover your health. There are three recovery meds that PubG offers- aspirin, bandages, and med-kit. And there’s also a bonus drink. Aspirin and the health drink are suitable to recover your HP for 5 to 15 units. Bandages cannot be used until your HP is below 75%. And if your HP is too low you can use a medkit to recover, But, notably, recovery is important. So, make sure you collect all these meds during your loot. 


PubG is definitely one of the most popular games today. But, as with every game, you need to survive through the beginner skills if you wish to grow and mark your winning streak. We wish you a delicious Chicken Dinner! 

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