Restaurant Scheduling Apps: the Secret to Unlocking Your Restaurant’s Expenses


While it’s easy to believe that restaurant scheduling apps merely ease and quicken the process of creating excellent work schedules for employees, they actually do a lot more. There are several built in features that unlock the economic well-being of your restaurant. Read on to see how restaurant scheduling apps can provide you with the tools you need to understand how your restaurant is really faring. 


Manager Log Books

Now, all the key data can be presented to your managers in real time at a glance including labour costs, total sales, daily costs, and more. Restaurant scheduling software comes with out-of-the-box solutions, or you can customize it to track the data that matters most to your restaurant. The dashboard presents the current data against the previous day’s finances, so it’s easy to know how the day really went.  

The apps are designed to be intuitive and simple to use and understand, and because it’s cloud-based, managers can access the data from anywhere, without physically being in the restaurant. This also means these vital records can’t get lost.  

Whenever a log book is updated, other managers will get a notification on their phone right away, meaning there is no lag time — communicating vital data is simple and seamless. To see how it works, you can check out this guide to restaurant costs to get a full idea of how powerful these apps can really be. 


All Locations, Right Away

Restaurant scheduling apps let restaurants with multiple locations see the whole picture, so executives and investors have the information they need about each restaurant’s health and profitability. Track data like sales per labour hour, total sales, and see how these totals measure against projected costs. 

You can navigate this information easily, as well as measure other statistics that have important implications for your restaurant. This makes it easy to see how each location is really faring, so you know which restaurants are performing better than others.   


POS Integration

Most employee scheduling software integrates with all the Point of Sales systems commonly used in North America. This means that the systems in your restaurant are unified and streamlined. This reduces inefficiencies, as your staff will never have to toggle back and forth between two programs. 

This integration also means that you can project your future sales with as much as 95% accuracy! Beyond unlocking the stats that truly and fully reflect your restaurant’s finances, restaurant scheduling apps are able to reveal their economic health in advance.  

Restaurant scheduling apps reduce the amount of time it takes to create schedules all employees love by as much as 80%, but it also serves other very important functions. By empowering managers and executives to know how their restaurant or restaurants are truly performing, restaurant scheduling apps provide the invaluable knowledge needed for leaders to make informed decisions. In such a notoriously difficult industry, this software can be the difference between success and failure.  

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