What To Know When You’re Outsourcing For Your Online Business


An online business is a beast of many different heads. You have the website to worry about. The ecommerce process and how effective that is. Your social media campaign. Content that you’re publishing. A lot of businesses will be glad to outsource these elements to professionals who know better than them.

However, it’s not safe to put the ball entirely in someone else’s hands. At best, you might be wasting money and time. At worst, you’re actively hurting your business. Here, we’re going to look at things you should be asking to the companies you hire. All to get the best online presence possible.


App literacy

A lot of businesses are relying on apps to extend their ecommerce to mobile and tablet users. It’s a good way to reach a new market, if you do it right. Great app development agencies will be able to work with you to understand what you want. They’ll design with the user in mind as much as your own wants.

They will be able to show examples of past work done for clients and will know about the different revenue streams they can include in the app. Make sure you ask about all these factors to see if they know what they’re talking about. Ensure that communication with them is swift, too. You don’t want someone who never returns calls or waits a day to get back to you with an email.


Spotting good content

Every business wants the content they’re putting out to be good. Most of us already have the knowledge we want to put into the content. We need someone who can communicate it effectively.

You need to be involved in the process, reading and applying changes to the articles. Getting a fresh set of eyes on the content is important, too. You might have the expertise to understand what they’re communicating. Will the average reader?


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Knowing when enough SEO is enough

Search engine optimisation has been making all sorts of waves on the internet. People have found a great way to make themselves more visible and businesses are throwing money at it to get its effects. But you need a company who really knows how SEO works.

Knows that it’s quality, not just quantity that works. A lot of SEO providers are guilty of ‘keyword stuffing’. Overloading pages with the keywords they know will get them the most benefit. However, search engines are catching onto these tactics now. They can hurt your long-term visibility rather than help it.


Being social

Spotting great social media service providers can be tricky. There are a lot of people who can tout themselves as a social media expert without having earned it. For example, they rely only on the top platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Rather than diversifying tactics to find people specific to your wants.

A lack of fluidity to their plans is key to spotting those who know how to follow plans, not adapt to trends. As with everyone you outsource, get a look at their past work. If they show these worrying signs, you might need to look elsewhere.


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