Tips for Managing Your Blogging Business


Whether you are a part time or full time blogger, the amount of work you take on can become overwhelming if you aren’t properly organized and know your limits. When new bloggers are first starting out they think that they have to take any and every writing job that comes their way, or they need to write on their own blogs everyday to drive traffic to their sites. The truth is that with a little planning and organizational strategy, you can manage your blogging business with very little effort.


Use a Calendar

One of the best ways to organize your time is to use a blogging calendar to plan and stick to your blogging schedule. If you spend a little time each month writing out the topics or titles for each blog, you will be able to plan the rest of your time around writing those blogs. If you are a freelance blogger, you’ll want to schedule time for writing each day, regardless of the topic you are assigned to write on. The important piece is that you have dedicated time to write each day, week and month so that you can become consistent in the delivery of your content.


Track Your Income and Expenses

While blogging is a great way to make a full or part time income working at home, it is important to treat your blogging business like a real business. And real businesses track real income and real expenses. If you work from home, there may be tax deductions you can claim for working at home. If you work outside the home, you can track your office, internet, and other expenses against your income. Working at home seems fun and is for a while, but if you like to be out and about, consider renting a shared office space or working in a community space like a library so you can get up and have a routine everyday.


Get a Helper

If you find yourself becoming overwhelming with the amount of work you need to do on a regular basis, you might want to consider hiring a virtual assistant to handle your calendar and track your income and expenses for you. A lot of successful bloggers have virtual assistants who look after the parts of their business they don’t enjoy working on. And any good writer will tell you that they would rather write than record accounting transactions, but these are necessary things for you to do on your own in the beginning.


Some bloggers like to keep their business running like a tight ship and other bloggers like the carefree nature of the business more. Whatever your preference, you can design your blogging business in a way that suites your needs. Whether you like routine or just want to work when you feel like it, blogging can be a lucrative business you can run from your kitchen table or a 10,000 square foot office. How you manage your business is up to you and that’s the best part of running a blogging business!


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