Ways To Impress Your CPA Business Clients


So you have a full roster of clients who already sing your praises. If all is going well with your CP business you likely don’t think that anything else is required on your part, but you can’t get too comfortable in this business. With an online bachelors degree in accounting, you must always be looking for how you can retain your existing clients as well as gain additional connections. You don’t have to work harder, put in more hours, or even spent a lot of money in order to help your existing clients know that you care and feel that they are appropriately valued. Here’s the inside scoop on wowing clients as a CPA business owner.


Maintain a Fully Functional Website

Whether you manually input data related to your clients on a computer or have an online portal set up for them to notify you of changes, your clients will like the fact that they can use your website to connect to your business efficiently. It’s one thing to have a professional CPA website that lists your contact information and gives a bit of background on the services that you offer. What will set you apart and leave your clients thoroughly impressed is operating a website that acts as a customer portal.


Occasionally Reach Out And Chit Chat

Since you already know a lot about your customers’ finances, it makes sense that you would also know important details about their families, jobs, and hobbies. Take some time out of your schedule each week and personally connect with all of your clients. This will let them know that you personally care about their personal lives and also help you to stay abreast of their most vital life situations. You don’t need to pry into your customers’ private lives but it does help to know the most basic information a CPA would need to provide excellent service.


Make Mention of the Specialized Tools Your CPA Business Utilizes

If you use software that you were trained on while completing your bachelors degree in accounting, tell your clients all about it. Most people are familiar with QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets, but as you know, there are many other types of specialized software that accountants use to balance the books. Tell your clients whenever you make an office-wide system upgrade, invest in new specialized software, or go for additional training that will improve their financial outlooks.

Making a good impression on existing clients requires you to apply a personal touch to the situation. By managing your time at the office effectively you can sit down and think of more ways to let your clients know that you are constantly available and developing new methods of managing their investments and savings, as well as keeping track of their tax obligations. Not all CPAs do more than what is minimally required, so by adding a personal touch to the way that you conduct business you will be a cut above the rest. Go ahead and start making the rounds so that your clients know that they can count on you for their financial needs.


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