How To Survive Your Finances Until Your Next Payday


Surely, for different reasons, in the life of each of us, one has been in  a situation when the salary will be paid only in a week, and there is absolutely no money left.

We will try to understand, why this is happening, why almost half of America (according to statistics) constantly do not have enough money from wages to salaries, or money with an enviable regularity much earlier than the time for receiving the next cash payment for their work.

There are quite objective reasons for this. Also, our reluctance to understand our own financial failures and problems and to find ways to solve them also contributes to this circumstance to a considerable extent.

For some people – it is difficult during this period of lack of money to pay utility bills. In any case, this situation is unpleasant, and everyone must try to deal with the uncomfortable situation.

Today we wanted to share with you how can we endure this not very comfortable time, and that could save many family from despondency during these days. Our main rule is not to fall into pessimism. Everything on this earth is temporary, including lack of money. So you need to try and just do not let this cause a depression  in your life. The next rule is to benefit from everything (including from negative experience). Analyze why this happens, and  understand many of our mistakes. And now, if this happens (by the way, very rarely), we know what we need to do.


How to live a week before the salary?

It is clear that seven days before the salary can be managed without buying new clothes, less entertainment , leaving  the car in a garage or parking for a while, but without food, there is no way.


In this case, we have developed a small action plan:

  1. To begin with, we collect all the money that was left, piled up in pockets, in bags, and evenly distributed for the remaining days, highlighting priority purchases.
  2. To a minimum, we reduce the list of necessary spending and purchases, leaving only what we really need to spend. At the same time, of course, you have to cancel all previously planned activities and entertainment.
  3. We buy the cheapest, but nourishing and useful products. As they say, without any frills.
  4. We cook at home almost every day (catering and snacks on the side for the time being canceled) dishes from these same inexpensive products. For example, from potatoes, vegetable dishes, etc.


What to do if money is not enough constantly from month to month?

A small salary is not always the reason for this kind of lack of money. Even those who earn quite well, often get into this situation because they do not know how to plan their personal budget, spend more money than they earn, and in life rely on “maybe”.

And this very “maybe” in the form of some unforeseen expense for repairing a car, for treatment, for the purchase of a new washing machine, suddenly broken, often leads to the fact that we suddenly are running out of money, and before the salary, at least a week in advance.

The conclusion is simple – you need to reconsider your priorities and learn how to live within your means. And if the earnings  are not enough for even the basics,  learn how to earn them, manage them and their buying habits.

One should decide  in order not to feel discomfort and inconvenience again and again and not to torment yourself with the idea of ​​what else to do to live a few days before the salary without money, one should  have a reserve fund. And, as most financial advisers teach us, the earlier you start creating it, the more chances you have to sleep at night, knowing that you have some money for unplanned expenses.

If you are in a financially difficult situation you can contact and they can help you through the month until your next payday.

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