How to Design an Office That People Want to Work In


COVID has caused a vast array of changes in the workplace, some of which are temporary and some of which are likely to be around for the long term. One long-term consequence of COVID is that many people have found ways to make a living without leaving their home. 

Between businesses going remote for good, freelance employment, and people reducing their living costs to make it work with only one member of the family bringing in income, fewer people are likely to be coming back to the office.

If you have a business that requires employees to be in the office, there are a few things that you can do to make people willing to come to work rather than choosing to stay at home:

Add Residential Touches

The days of industrial, warehouse-style workplaces may be coming to an end. After spending a year or more working from home, many people are unwilling to go back to an office with little natural light and few comforts. 

However, bringing some of the comforts of home to the workplace may be what it takes to convince people to come to the office. Key Interiors can help you to design a workplace that feels more like home. Here are just a couple of aspects to consider:

  • Natural light. Access to a window or even ambient natural light can improve employee morale, reduce eye strain, and replicate a more home-like environment.
  • Simple pleasures. Investing in an espresso machine, stocking the kitchen and refrigerator with a range of quality snacks, and otherwise elevating the workplace experience past the typical water cooler and popcorn options can encourage employees to enjoy being at the office more.

Offer a Flexible Schedule

You may need people at the office, but do you really need them there 40 hours a week? Providing more flexibility in a schedule can help your employees to balance work and home lives more effectively, which may make them more willing to come into the office. Do a thorough examination of your workflows and employees to decide what kind of flexibility you may be able to offer.

Relaxed Dress Code

Giving employees the opportunity to express themselves through their wardrobe at work may make them more willing to come into the office. After all, one of the few advantages that the office has over working from home is the opportunity to enjoy the company of other people. A relaxed dress code can help people to bond with one another and feel more like friends than just workplace associates.

Draw Your Employees Back to the Office

It may be harder to get employees to the office now than it was prior to COVID, but by embracing change and making your office more attractive to employees, you may be able to improve workflow and employee morale as well as getting people into the office.

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