How to Choose the Right Insurance Agent for You


About one in five Americans could not afford health insurance. Such is the state of healthcare in the United States. Unlike other countries, the country does not adopt universal health care, which would have meant that the government would shoulder the cost of medical bills, although you pay higher taxes. 

In the US, there are nearly 1,000 companies that offer health insurance coverage. And when you choose an agent, you are mainly looking for a partner who can help you through the complex process of health insurance, as well as get maximum returns for your investment. 

Before you go ahead and type “insurance agent near me” on Google, consider the following: 


The agent is not only interested in thecommission

Agents live by the commission. They rarely get paid a monthly salary to sell insurance. However, that should not take away from their primary responsibility to put your needs first before themselves. Be wary of the agent who tries to push the most expensive product in your face. Your insurance should be the best package that covers your needs, and it does not have to be too costly. 


The agent should be near your location

Why is that important? If you are only relying on the Internet or the phone to contact them, they would likely be challenging to reach in times of emergency. Besides, they can quickly tell their secretaries that they are out of the office every time you call.  


Do not be afraid to ask questions

It is a must that you list down all your questions, so you do not forget them when you talk to the agent. Ask them about their experience in the industry, who have they helped, and their list of clients. Also, request the number of their previous clients so that you can talk to them about their experience. When you speak to the agent, make sure to study their tone and their behavior. Are they still listening to you or more interested in putting down the phone after making the sale? 


Test their knowledge

The insurance agent should be able to explain the pros and cons of each product. Try to ask for their cheapest insurance and see if they change their tone. That is a red flag that they are only interested in their commission. It is the reason why they will convince you to get their most expensive product. However, if they maintained their energy in trying to explain their most affordable insurance package, then they are interested in your welfare.  


Even if they already have healthcare insurance from their employers, Americans are still spending 10% of their total income on insurance premiums. On average, each household spends $3,700 annually on insurance. 

The industry is huge. In 2017, Americans spent $3.7 trillion on healthcare. So, you can understand how, when you type “insurance agent near me,” ends up in millions of search results.  

Choosing an agent can be tricky, but if you follow the tips above, you increase the likelihood of hiring an insurance agent who would be perfect for you. 

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