5 Best Online Stock Brokers for Beginners in 2021


Being new to the world of investments and finding a proper online stock broker can be a very challenging decision; the list is long and constantly growing, and choosing a broker that fulfills your needs can indeed be an intimidating task. Here is a list of 5 Best Online Stock Brokers for Beginners in 2021 that may help you find the broker you are looking for. 



101Investing is a dedicated and consistent platform that can make your trading experience smooth and upstanding, regardless of the strategy you choose or what asset you determine to invest in. As the market is changing, 101Investing ensures that your trading tempo is fully adjusted with web, desktop and mobile trading platforms, and thanks to the flawless technological software solutions, you can trust your data to be properly analyzed and completely secure. And it only takes minutes to get from registering to creating your first deposit; no long-lasting processes required, you can get verified and start trading as soon as today.  



T1Markets takes the trading experience to a new level; you have direct access to all global markets, you can continuously track live charts, they have numerous analytical tools, and everything is available from your smartphone through the mobile app. Your personal data is never shared, and every financial transaction you make is safely encrypted, making your experience perfectly secure. You can also visit their educational hub, go through the huge quantity of materials and numerous hints, and become a real pro – for free.  



ROinvesting allows you to control the power of innovative technology so that you can make smarter, faster, and more precise investing decisions. You can open trades, place market orders, use dozens of analytical tools, and profit from chat windows where you can compare different assets. Advanced technologies of ROinvesting web and mobile trading app guarantee excellent security because of data encryption technology. And if you are interested in learning more about the investment markets and climb a little higher, ROinvesting offers intellectually prepared tutorials, online courses, e-books, articles, and learning paths for different levels of experience, ranging from beginner to pro. 



HFTrading is an innovative and balanced trading broker with a more than generous range of trading tools available via the user-friendly and very popular MT4 platforms for mobile devices, web, and desktop. The trading conditions of this broker are very competitive, and they have flexible funding methods and account types so that their clients can be tended to accordingly to their personal needs.On top of all this, they have a rather impressive trader’s education center, stocked with useful resources (e-books, tutorials, courses, quizzes) suitable for every level of expertise, and they provide 24-hour assistance. 



InvestLite is a regulated trading broker with a wide range of global markets accessible to trade via the MT4 platform on web, desktop, and mobile devices. The platform carries out an extremely consistent and very effective mechanism, which allows you to open and close trades with just one click, follow your history, and personalize the analytical panel. The trading conditions this broker provides are transparent and competitive, and as a trader, you can use the app to follow the hottest market trends, and you can improve your knowledge on the subject in the education center.  

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