Advancing Your Education to Improve Your Blogging Skills


There are all sorts of reasons to go back to school and extend (or even begin) your education.

For one thing, these days the bachelor’s degree is seen in the same light that we once saw high school diplomas (a.k.a. not optional).

Trying to find even a basic job without a degree is incredibly difficult. Even if you’re trying to build or improve an independent enterprise, having a degree can be helpful.

Pursuing further education can even help you with your blog. True story!

A BA in Blogging? Maybe someday!

Did you know that it is even possible to earn a diploma in blogging? There are also certificate programs available (though these aren’t affiliated with an accredited university or program). Still, showing that you completed some professional training is certainly a boost to your blogging resume.

Beyond a straightforward blogging degree, there are other ways that pursuing a higher education can help you improve your site and your skills.


Blogging is a text-based medium. If you are writing about the best wine gift box sets to buy, for example, it means you need to be able to communicate clearly through the written word. This skill is also required for successfully completing your college courses.

Here’s a secret: The more you write, the better at it you become. This is true across all writing styles. Even if what you’re writing is primarily academic or scientific in nature, you’ll still be able to use that practice to better inform your blogging style and voice.

Reading for Meaning

You’ve undoubtedly heard the cliche “If you want to be a great writer, you need to be a great reader.” The reason this has risen to cliche status in our culture is because it is true!

The more you read, the better your writing is going to get – and there is a lot of reading in college.

Do you remember joking around about sleeping on your math textbook in hopes of absorbing some of that knowledge in high school?

Reading is the real-life version of that – you’re absorbing style, grammar, ideas, etc. – often without realizing it. It’s the ultimate “learn by example.”


Regardless of your major, you’re going to have to do research when you’re in school. Learning how to seek out the information you need (beyond doing a simple Google search) is an incredibly valuable skill you can use to help craft better blog posts for your readers.

You’ll be able to present evidence as well as opinion – something that automatically sets your blog apart from 95% of the rest of the blogs on the web.


Even if you aren’t pursuing a degree in marketing, you can still take at least an intro class in the subject.

You can use the class to meet a general education requirement and learn how to create a marketing plan that will help you spread the word about and build an audience for your blog.

You’ll learn how to set up a marketing plan for whatever projects you decide to take on. This is especially helpful if you ever want to do more than write for free on your own site.

Money Stuff

Basic accounting classes are another way to fulfill your basic education requirements as well as set yourself up for professional blogging success.

If you ever want to earn money as a blogger, you’re going to have to learn to track that money correctly and report it come tax time. A basic accounting class will teach you how to do exactly this. It can also help you set up budgets for your personal expenses and income that you bring in from a day job.

You can also learn how to invest wisely – in your own projects and in the projects of others. If you are in need of funding for your studies or projects, can help you raise the money you need.

Remember, you can major in pretty much anything you want when you decide to go back to school. And if you need help moving your stuff, there are great movers services around. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to major in communications or business to become a better blogger (though those courses of study can help if you hope to take your blogging to the professional level).

There are lots of skills like writing, research, presentation, and even dedication and learning to follow through that get picked up when you go back to school.


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