Why You Should Fight DWI Charges


DWI refers to driving while intoxicated, also known as DUI, driving under the influence. DWI charges often happen to law-abiding citizens that found themselves on the wrong side of the law. When you face such charges, the natural initial reaction is often an attempt to resolve the problem as soon as possible. The quickest way to sort a DWI charge is pleading guilty without considering a defense. However, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t jump straight to accepting the charges.

Read on for some of the most substantial reasons you might want to re-think accepting to have a DWI record without even trying to contest.


Getting Convicted Is Expensive

The most common notion for people who opt not to hire a defense attorney for DUI charges is the expense. What such people fail to factor in is the total cost of their conviction without an attorney. DWI charges have numerous costs that keep adding up as your case unfolds. 

Even before leaving a courthouse, you’ll have had to pay the court fines and costs that may quickly add up to up to 1000 dollars. You’ll also need to cater for the supervision charges while you are on probation; additionally, you have to pay for other things like the drug screens.

Your car insurance premiums will often increase, almost doubling the amount you used to pay, for up to three or five years. You might have to cater to the costs of an ignition interlock device placed in your vehicle. By the time you have “quickly” dealt with the charges by pleading guilty, you will have spent more than you would have if you just hired a DWI defense lawyer to fight the conviction.


Probation Is a Lot Harder Than You May Assume

Prosecuting attorneys will hand you a plea deal that will almost always have a lengthy probation term. If this is your first probation, you’ll probably assume the process isn’t much of a big deal. However, probation can be intrusive and restrictive

You’re required to report to the prison at least once a month; the specific reporting day is at your assigned officer’s convenience. You also cannot leave the state without permission; you’ll even get banned from consuming alcohol during the probation period.

During probation, there’s also monitoring of all your driving. You’ll need to submit to random drug screening at the department’s convenience all while handling your probation. Quite frankly, probation can get quite tricky, even for well-intentioned responsible people. No matter how obvious you feel like your charges and the evidence were, a seasoned attorney will know how to at least get you out of probation.


Disqualification at Future Employment Positions

Pay attention to the fact that the DWI conviction remains a criminal record forever once you plead guilty. A criminal record may disqualify you from future employment opportunities; it could also subject you to disciplinary action in your current workplace. Moreover, jobs don’t need to involve vehicle operation for them to dismiss you over your DWI record. Jobs that involve vulnerable adults and minor children, for instance, could disqualify you simply over having a criminal record without any regard to the actual crime.


Avoid Temporary Gratification, Contest the Charge

Pleading guilty to a DWI charge is that shortcut that ends up longer; it eases the temporary gratification of having the case ending quickly but comes back to weigh you down with long-lasting consequences. Remember that no matter how much authorities may make it seem so, a conviction isn’t a guarantee. 

To know whether you can avoid conviction, speak to a DWI attorney to discuss your case specifics. Having seen the probable consequences if you don’t contest the case, it’s a lot less risky to contest the charge and raise the chances of winning by hiring an attorney.

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