Cars For Resale: Here’s How To Increase Their Value


Unfortunately or fortunately, sometimes you have to sell your car, a rather simple thing since the internet offers many dedicated sites, but which can be made more effective with a few small tricks.

First of all, the photos to be published must be of good quality, taken with the correct light and show the car both in general and in detail. Before publishing the photos, let’s see how to prepare the car.

A complete exterior wash must be carried out, also focusing on details such as the front grille and wheels, a very important element that greatly affects the appearance of the car.

Thoroughly cleaning the rims and applying black rubber to the tires refreshes the image of the car a lot. If the rims are damaged or have a worn and neglected appearance, the car will certainly look older and unmaintained.


Shiny Wheels And Bodywork To Attract More Buyers

Whenever possible, it is a good idea to polish the car to remove small scratches and give shine to the bodywork, which will immediately make a great impression on the potential buyer.

Once the external part has been fixed, you need to focus on the inside, where even here a thorough cleaning must be carried out by passing the carpet with a vacuum cleaner such as those present in the car wash and perhaps replace the mats if they are very worn or damaged.

The next step is to clean the plastics, windows and seats with the correct products. Having settled the aesthetic side, let’s see what serves as documentation to improve the saleability of the car.

The first element of fundamental importance is the service or service booklet, where all the routine maintenance operations carried out with the relative mileage and date of execution have been reported.


Comprehensive Documentation Facilitates the Sale

The service book says that the car has been properly maintained and that it has been periodically checked by a workshop of the manufacturer or by an independent one. If the car has undergone extraordinary maintenance, such as replacing the clutch or shock absorbers, then it is important to have the documentation certifying the intervention, here it is usually the invoice that is authentic. Another thing that can increase the value of the car is the double key that is delivered when the new car is purchased, also because a duplicate key with a transponder can cost hundreds of euros.

To then increase the value of your car it is important to report all this information on the sites where the ad is inserted or from a dealer, in the event that the car is given in trade-in, thus giving the feeling of being aware of the characteristics and of the history of your vehicle and not having neglected it. This documentation is more important the more the vehicle begins to have high mileage, because it highlights the good condition of the car you want to sell.

Infographic Provided by Chrysler Factory Warranty

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