Ways to Cut Your Telecom Costs


As somebody who is smart with their money, you are probably always looking for ways to trim back your expenses. One way to do this is to find ways to cut back on the amount you are spending for telecom. In order to do this as effectively and easily as possible, consider the following tips:


First, Determine What You Have

The first step in cutting back on telecom costs is to understand what you have and what you are paying for. For instance, do you have a costly broadband service and/or something else for the computer and smartphones? Once you realize what services are in your home or business, you can take steps to eliminate some of them.


Consider the “Cons” of Broadband

If you used to live with a dial-up connection for your computer, switching to broadband probably felt like a dream. Gone were the days when you had to wait for the computer to connect to the internet; now, you can simply open up the browser that you want and start working. However, there are some disadvantages to a broadband network that are worth discussing, especially in terms of saving money. The faster broadband connection probably costs more than twice what you were paying for a dial-up connection, and speed may also be an issue. For example, while the broadband connection increases the speed capacity of the internet, it does not guarantee that the computer will be faster; the IPS servers are also responsible for how fast everything works.


Wireless Networks Offer a Great Solution

To save money on telecom, you might want to consider switching to a wireless network. A key advantage of a wireless network is that you can move around very freely within the network area with your smartphones, tablets and laptops. You no longer have to be tethered to a computer in one office in order to work or surf the internet. For example, the Snapdragon mobile laptop platform from Qualcomm features super fast Wi-Fi connectivity that provides users with reliable connectivity from just about anywhere. By switching from a broadband connection to one of the new wireless laptop platforms from Qualcomm, you can either reduce or eliminate the need for telecom costs. As a bonus, the Snapdragon mobile PC platform also features backward compatibility for legacy 3G networks, which means you won’t have to necessarily shell out big bucks for a new laptop and other devices in order to take advantage of wireless connectivity.


How Businesses Might Take Advantage of Wireless Connections

Wireless networks are also an effective way to boost productivity in the workplace. Since employees are no longer connected by wires to their computers, they can roam around the workplace with their tablets or laptops. This way, instead of requiring that customers approach a service desk or check out area for help, employees can assist clients wherever they are standing in a store. Wireless networks are also handy for taking orders in cafes and coffee shops; for example, the employees at Dutch Bros. coffee shop often head out into the parking lots with handheld tablets to take orders at the waiting cars, and then wirelessly send the order info inside the cafe.

When it comes to saving money on telecom costs, eliminating broadband in favor of wireless connections seems like the ideal solution. Not only will you pay less for wireless, you will also have a more effective way to connect and work. By looking into wireless platforms, you should find your telecom costs are going down while your productivity rises.


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