Viewing Offices – A Checklist


When it comes to looking for a new office for your business, you will find that there seems to be an endless choice out there. There are now so many different offices on the market because of building developments and construction projects. Unfortunately, though, that doesn’t mean that all of these new office developments are as good as each other. You will have to dedicate quite a bit of your time to find the best possible office for your company.

If you have never had to look around offices before, you might be slightly confused about the things you need to look out for and anything that should set off warning bells in your mind. Here’s a quick checklist to help you through those initial viewings.



It’s not just about what is inside the office that counts. You also need to consider the location. Ideally, you will want to be as centrally located as possible. This will then make it easier for your employees to get to the office if they don’t drive. If you go with an office that is slightly out of town, there might not be many public transport links to it, which could be problematic for your workers who don’t have a car or would prefer to walk. However, you will find that offices to rent in the center of towns and cities will be very expensive as they are in highly sought-after spots. So, you might need to come to a compromise when it comes to your office’s location and rent.



When you are taking a look at the exterior of an office building, you should remember to try and see if there are any CCTV cameras. If you don’t notice any, it’s worth asking the current office tenants or the building management team if there are any that are currently working. These are really important when it comes to office security. Firstly, that’s because they can act as a great deterrent if any potential burglars spot them. Even if they don’t prevent anyone from breaking in, they will provide evidence that can be taken to the police. It’s also to check other security measures, such as burglar alarms and secure main doors.



Modern Systems

Even though you might not know what makes a good electrical system or an efficient heating system in a building, it’s still worth taking a look at them. The main thing to look out for is how modern they are. Generally speaking, modern systems will be fairly new and so will have a lot more years left in them. You won’t need to worry about maintaining or replacing them just yet. If you spot some old electrical system, though, you might have to get in touch with some industrial electricians to come and service it once you move into the office to ensure that it is all safe and up to industry standard and regulations. This will also be the case with any dated heating and air conditioning systems.



Storage Potential

One of your first requirements that you will have in mind when you are viewing an office is whether or not it will be big enough for your whole team to move into. But that’s not the only consideration you should have when it comes to size. You also need to ensure that a new office will have enough space for anything that you need to store as well. Thankfully, most offices come with a basement space you can use to put any large items into storage. If not, then you will need to think about whether or not there will be space to store things in your main office area. You also need plenty of space for cabinets and filing cabinets for all your paperworks.



Building Management

If you are looking at office space that is located within a big office block, there will be a building management company that takes care of all the maintenance of the property. If this is the case with an office that you are viewing, you should take a look at exactly what the building management firm is responsible for. There are some out there that offer extensive services to tenants, but not all of them will be so thorough in their maintenance of the building. So, when viewing an office, make sure that you are happy with the service you will receive from them. If not, it could be best to look elsewhere as this could easily cause disputes.


Open Plan?

When you are viewing various office spaces, you will notice that many of them are open plan. Open-plan workspaces have been very much in fashion over the past decade or so, and it looks like this trend will continue over the next few years at the very least. But you need to ask yourself whether open plan really is the best fit for you and your company. Some company leaders know that their business and staff are better suited to working in individual rooms that can afford them some privacy. If this is the case with you too, it’s a good idea to skip the open-plan office completely.



Car Park

Even though it isn’t an absolute necessity, it’s a good idea to try and find a new office that comes with its own private car park. This will just be a huge convenience to all of your employees who drive, as they won’t have to risk leaving their cars in dangerous locations just on the curb or in unsecured car parks. Not only that, though, but it makes things a lot easier for any clients who visit your office. This is especially the case for clients who are traveling to visit you and don’t know the city that well – it means they won’t have to waste any time searching for a parking spot.


Make sure you remember these points when you go for your next office viewing. Getting a space that ticks all these boxes will be a great advantage to your company!


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  1. This is a must if you want to transfer or buy a new office, the security system and emergency exits is also important because your safety is a priority…

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