How to Use Short-Term Health Insurance to Protect Yourself


If you have coverage through government-sponsored insurance or even an employer, any change made within your personal circumstances could leave you without medical insurance. Not only would you be penalized financially by the government when you file taxes you would also need to start paying out of pocket for all healthcare services. Since it can cost up to $250 just for a routine checkup, it is important to prepare and come up with other solutions for affording health care coverage. One option that University of Southern California online EMHA degree holders suggest is short-term medical insurance. This type of healthcare is designed to help people fill in coverage gaps while they seek new employment, change residences, or wait to become eligible for other types of healthcare benefits.


How Long Can You Have Short-Term Health Insurance?

You cannot have a short-term health insurance policy issued for longer than one calendar year. This might not seem like a lot of time, but remember that a lot can happen in a single year and it is highly likely that you will find another solution in the meantime. Additionally, having short-term health insurance will enable you to keep your doctor and keep going to the same healthcare facilities that you have become accustomed. If you need specialized care, your short-term health insurance company will pick up the costs and you won’t be responsible for more than your co-pay.


Is Short-Term Health Insurance Expensive?

Health insurance premiums vary depending on if you need coverage for just yourself or your entire family. Smokers normally pay more for medical insurance, as do people with certain specific risk factors. Overall, short-term medical insurance shouldn’t be more expensive than regular health insurance. You should get quotes from multiple health insurance companies so that you get the best type of coverage at the lowest prices.


Where Can Short-Term Health Insurance Be Used?

Realize that medical insurance of any kind can only be used to schedule doctor’s visits, hospital treatment, outpatient care, and other emergency healthcare services. You can’t use your short-term health insurance plan to go to the dentist unless you have purchased a policy that also includes dental care. An online masters in health administration medical professional can give you a little more information on how healthcare coverage works if you have any questions on the topic. Additionally, health care insurance companies are also happy to answer questions about what coverage includes if you need further clarification.

Simply put, it isn’t safe to go without medical coverage for yourself. If you get sick, you could end up spending a lot of money on fairly routine treatments. If you were to get into an accident and need to be hospitalized for several weeks, you might not ever be able to pay off your medical debts. Comparatively, short-term health insurance is both affordable and easily accessible when you want to keep yourself protected from incurring major medical debts. Find out which companies you can purchase short-term health insurance through and see how fast you can get fully covered.


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