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This is a guest contribution by Charles Dearing


When it comes to our finances, we all want to be able to save some money to put toward something special, save toward a big purchase, or simply for emergencies and rainy days. However, a remarkable number of people really struggle when it comes to saving money, which can have a serious negative impact on their overall finances.

If you are having trouble saving money, it is probably because you are not using the right method to suit your financial situation. In this article, I will talk about some of the personal finance books that touch upon this subject and can help you immediately.


Some of the top books to help you save money

 When you have no savings to fall back on, you can really find yourself in hot water in the event of emergencies. For instance, you could find yourself missing bill and other essential payments, which could then have an impact on your credit score. This in turn will have a damaging effect on your financial future as a whole. By making sure you have some money put aside in savings, you won’t have to worry about falling short from time to time, as you will always have cash to fall back on. Some of the books that can help when it comes to helping you to save money include:


The Total Money Makeover

Penned by Dave Ramsey, this book focuses on overall financial fitness, which includes saving money. This is one of the best personal finance books if you are looking for help with a range of personal financial issues. The books provides advice and inspiration to help you budget more effectively, have more disposable income, have money to put in savings, and to make money. This book is touted as a proven plan for overall financial fitness making it a great read and very inspirational.


The Money Saving Mom’s Budget

We all know that having a family can be very costly, which makes it difficult for moms to save money when they have so many others thing that they have to spend it on. Fortunately, this book by Crystal Paine, provides the perfect solution to help moms slash their spending, reduce their debt, and saves thousands of dollars a year. With personal finances, it can be difficult to juggle all of the different financial commitments you have to deal with while saving money at the same time. However, the advice and information in this book can prove hugely helpful.


Saving Money: The Top 100 Best Ways to Save Your Money and to Spend Your Money Wisely

The title of this book, which is written by Ace McCloud, pretty much says it all. The information contained within is all about how to spend money wisely and how to be able to save more money. This book covers a range of topic, such as wiping out debt, earning more money, and making money work harder for you. With the advice and information within its pages, you should find it far easier to take control of your finances.


How to Manage Your Money when You Don’t Have Any

This is a non-nonsense book that is written for those who struggle with their finances and are unable to put money aside in savings as things stand. Written by Erik Wecks, the book provides an inspirational account of how this personal finance expert managed to ride through the rough times and provides a wealth of advice designed to help others to do the same. It offers a personal touch, is easy to read and to empathize with, and even adds a touch of humor.


Money Saving Tips: Easy Tips and Ideas to Save Money, Manage Money, and Achieve Financial Freedom

Written by Rock Bankole, this book is designed to provide valuable advice that can change your financial situation, enable you to save money, and provide you with overall financial fitness. Whether your financial situation is down to lack of income, poor investment options, over-spending, or high levels of debt, this book contains advice and information that can help. You can access the master plan that the author has included, which is designed to help you to make smarter financial decisions and develop the right techniques when it comes to your personal finances and saving money.

How to Save Money Painlessly

In this book, the author Paul Stephens focuses on teaching readers how to save money each and every month in order to try and get out of debt and enjoy a brighter financial future. The book is packed with painless and simple yet effective ways in which you can save money as well as pay down your debt. There are simple steps that are designed to put you on a more manageable course toward financial fitness. Even if you do not have a huge income, the book will show you ways in which you can start saving.


These are just some of the great books that will help you with everything from effective household budgeting through to controlling your spending so that you can save more money.


Peace of mind with cash to fall back on

 When you have no savings to fall back in, this naturally plays on your mind and causes financial stress. Any little financial emergency can turn into a big deal when you don’t have any savings to turn to. However, with the help of these books you can change all of this and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having some fallback cash.


Many people don’t realize that you have to have a certain mind set and follow certain techniques in order to put money aside and avoid spending it. In these books, you will be able to learn exactly what you have to do if you want to improve your finances and enjoy having some money stashed away.


This is a guest contribution by Charles Dearing

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