Smart Ways to Improve the Coffee Break in Your Office


Is the coffee break really useful in the workplace?

Research carried out by the University of East London has shown that a break to sip a cup of coffee has no real use, and that the feeling of being more awake would be nothing but the consequence of a placebo effect.

But even if this were the case, certainly the coffee break has many beneficial effects. It allows you to unplug the brain for a few minutes and to distract yourself, avoiding to stress too much on what you are doing and encouraging greater socialization, especially in workplaces where there are many employees and which, therefore, do not facilitate a close acquaintance with everyone.

The coffee break, then, can be an occasion for relaxation and experimentation: it is also for this reason that it can be livened up in different ways. For example, trying a different taste each time, choosing from The options available are many: from coffee to ginseng to coffee corrected with sambuca, passing through the spotted one, the cappuccino, the one with cream, the narrow one, the long one, and etc. Without forgetting the various combinations: sparkling water, mate, tea, and so on.

If there is a coffee machine in the office, the coffee break can be livened up if you buy custom cup sleeves, with employee names on them. Or, you can hang newspaper articles, photographs or postcards on the nearest wall. On the one hand, it is a way to make the environment more colorful and interesting; on the other hand, it is an opportunity to find new starting points for conversation and new topics for a chat, both with the colleagues with whom one is already familiar, and with colleagues with whom one does not have a very close relationship.

Here, then, that the coffee break also becomes a way to strengthen the bonds: on the professional front this allows to reinforce the team building, and on the personal front it allows to build new knowledge and to establish new relationships.

The comparison with others, on the other hand, can only be positive: you can discover secrets and gossip on your desk companion, you can acquire new skills about the work you are doing or, more simply, you can be involved in a simple relaxing chat.

Finally, to liven up the coffee break, it is good to pay attention to the needs of others and not invade their spaces: which means, for example, to avoid smoking in the presence of people who are annoyed by cigarettes.

Obviously, for smokers, the combination of coffee + cigarette is almost obligatory, but it is important to take into account the tastes and needs of others: if you really can’t do without a few puffs, it is advisable to go away and then join the group again when you are finished to smoke.

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