Small Ways to Impress Your Best Clients


Impressing the clients that your business relies on in order to stay profitable is vital. If you can’t show them that your business cares about them and values their custom, you won’t keep hold of them.

So, it’s time to start pulling out all the stops to show them that you really do care. Impressing them is often easier said than done though. What are the real actions that should be taken? Well, there are plenty of small things you can do, so read on to find out more.


Put Them in the Driving Seat

Who is in control when you work with a client? If they feel like you are the one that is dictating the way things work, they might start to feel a little powerless. That’s not good if you want to keep hold of them.

Of course, sometimes you need to take the initiative and get the work done. But it should be the client who controls the direction of what you do unless the opposite is explicitly agreed. Making them feel heard and listened to is vital, so don’t forget about this.


Show Them a Return on Their Investment in Real Terms

You should also be willing and able to show them a real return on their investment. When they have paid you to do some work for them or take care of a certain task, they want to see a return. If you can show them the statistics and graphs that prove for certain that you are doing good work for them, they will be more impressed.

It’s something that many people forget about, but it’s definitely worth doing.  You can learn more about using data at


Shower Them with Free Gifts

Giving people stuff for free is a good way of making it clear that you care. Of course, the kind of business you run will decide what free gifts you’re able to give to clients. And make sure that any free gifts you do hand out are emblazoned with your company logo and name.

You can go to if you want to buy flash drives with your company logo on them. They make great gifts that clients will really be able to make use of in the future. People like to be given things for free, so it definitely makes sense to do this when you want to impress someone.


Make Them Believe They’re Your Top Priority

Every client you have should feel like you value them more than any other. This is standard business practice. But you should especially focus on making sure that your best clients feel this way. If they don’t, then they might start to consider switching to a different provider that values them more.

There are lots of things that you can do to show them that they are your number one client. For example, you should do what you can to get back to them when they contact you. And you should also let them know directly that your work for them is right at the top of the pile.


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  1. Gifts are the best way to deliver a good sense of relationship especially business relationships and when you have gifts embedded with logos and slogans of your business, they do indirect promotions too. That’s why I love the idea of personalized business gifts.

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