Instagram shook the world with its very launch in 2010. In the short span of time, it gained popularity and has more than 700 million users across the world. Some 100000 odd photos and videos are shared every day, With every passing minute there is a new user added to this app. Instagram not only connects you with people or gives you a social platform but is also an excellent marketing tool. If your brand is well presented on this app, it will definitely help you to boost your business.


Tips to grow your Instagram followers


1] Accept the fact that it takes time and effort to grow your Instagram organically- It will require a lot of hard work and dedication with planned efforts to grow your Instagram account organically.


2] Pick a niche and stay with it- As soon as someone comes across your Instagram account, they should immediately get what you are about. It is only due to the first positive impression they click the follow option. And once they are following you they need to easily recognize your images as they navigate your account. Your followers followed you for a reason, so stick to the reason and present them the same quality feeds every time.


3] Create a beautiful, consistent feed– The feed that you put up should be visually appealing feed. The feed should attract the eyes of the followers. Depending on your follower’s liking, create the feeds and remain consistent with it.


4] Take good quality photos where everything is in focus– Use a good quality camera to click the pictures. The pictures should be flat as these are pictures that capture everything and present the photo in a better way.


5] Use the right hashtags- Hashtags are a great way to attract even the people who are not following your account. The best hashtags are the ones that are unique to your account. Instagram allows 30 hashtags and experiment by using all of them to create a varying and popular impression.


6] Find others from the same community– It is social media and to stay here you need to be social. Connect with other bloggers from your community. Try to learn from their accounts, check the accounts recommended by them. Also, check the popular hashtags and scroll through the recent photos that have been used by them. If you like their photos and comment genuinely it is likely that they will also like and follow your account.


7] Engage with those you follow– If you are following new accounts do not leave the old ones that you were following. Instagram now decides whom to show your photo to. Instagram takes 15 minutes to decide that your photo is appealing to display or let it bury deep down. You will require your followers to engage with your photo right off the bat. If you engage with those whom you follow on a regular basis, they will be more likely to double tap and leave a comment when they will see a photo of yours popping up on their feed. Thus creates initial engagement to your photo and thus this will lead Instagram to show your photo to more people.


8] Respond to comments- Responding to the photos with means of comment will create an impact on the person whom you commented thus it would also bring the comment to your photos from the people to whom you commented.


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