Making Money: 5 Payment Options You Business Should Consider


You hear a lot about making money online, or setting up your own business and striking it rich. You hear it so often, that it can be really inspiring, and before long, you’re ready to get setup and find your own path to freedom. But more often than not, the information you read, and the advice you get is all about the options you have to make money. Once you’ve decided that you want to be a digital marketing consultant or a freelance writer, you’ll be excited to get started. So much so that you can see the money making its way into you. But, do you know exactly how you’re going to be able to accept that money? If not, let’s take a look at five options you have for accepting payments.


On-Site Purchases

The first point is always going to be through e-commerce. If you have a website, then you can accept payments through it. You just need to get the right functionalities in place. Whether you operate entirely online or not, this is a quick and easy way to accept payment. You will find that there are some fees associated with it, varying on the platform you use. But with this option, you can direct clients to your website, and they can pay you directly that way with their credit cards.


Card Payments

Next, if you want to be able to take physical card payments, then this is what you’re going to need to do. First, you need to look into credit card swipers to find one that you like. Make sure its one that you can accept payments in person with, and also virtually too. And this will allow you to take payment over the phone if your clients prefer to do this. But it’s a really handy device if you tend to see most of your clients face to face.


Virtual Payments

Then, you’ve also got virtual payments using third parties. This is something that you should be quite familiar, especially if you’ve heard of (or used) PayPal. But you don’t just have to accept PayPal payments, there are a range of alternatives that you could consider for this. Sometimes, clients like to use a third party service as they will feel more secure this way.


Direct Transfers

Another simple option will be to take direct transfers into your bank account. If you invoice your clients, you can simple provide them with your bank details on the invoice, and they can make a direct deposit or transfer into your account. This is often cost-effective, fast, and handy if they’re an ongoing client that will be making regular payments to you.


Monthly Subscription

Finally, you may want to offer a monthly payment system. This could work in the form of a direct debit that automatically goes from their account to yours, or via a third-party service like PayPal, each month. You could offer a discounted price for this service, with the idea of earning more money in the long-run.


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