Earn Money with Binary Options, Is It Possible?


Binary options, also called binary or binary stocks (binary option) are a real financial instrument/form of investment, with which you can make your money in a very short time thanks to online trading.

Here are some main features:

  • very short term (the best known and used by traders are the 60 seconds options);
  • gains up to 90% of invested capital (for each winning investment).

In particular the simplicity of use of investment platforms.

In fact, the binary trading platforms are also available online and you can trade on the internet from home without the need to download any software on your PC.


Binary Operations: How They Work Exactly

The opportunities offered by this financial instrument are many, but your earnings come from taking action!

Binary trading means practically making a prediction about the performance of an asset in the markets.

There are various types of assets:

  • currency pairs
  • stock market
  • raw materials (such as oil, gold, silver etc etc …)

The option is called “binary” because there are two possibilities: that is, you can invest speculating on the fact that the value of the asset increases or decreases.

To earn money, you must correctly predict the price increase or decrease.
Once the forecast has been made, you will only have to wait. Times can also equate to only 1 minute.

Think that with this form of investment, you can know in 1 Minute if the operation you did ended positively.


How to Start

If you do not know where to start, start with 60 Seconds Binary Options.

They are the most used ones. But how do they work?

Each binary option has its own expiry date: the expiry is equivalent to the period of time during which the binary option remains ‘open’, and at the end of which it is then ‘closed’.

At this point, if your prediction was correct (maybe you expected a rise and bought the binary option Call) you will get a profit; otherwise, if your prediction was wrong, you will get a loss.

There are different types of expiration, such as:

  • 10 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 1h
  • 3h
  • 6h
  • 24h
  • 1 week
  • 1 month
  • …and so on.

But the 60 second binary options are very special. They fall into the category of “short” deadlines (even if it would be better to say very short).

In fact, they have a deadline of only 60 seconds!

Investing in 60-second binary options means that you can open and close an operation in just one minute!

By trading for 1h a day, a maximum of 60 possible transactions are obtained, precisely because a 60-second binary option remains open for only 1 minute.

We are talking about a very hectic trading.

Some would say “adrenaline”! But certainly interesting …

Remember, however, that the 60-second binary options also have a certain level of risk: after 60 seconds, the market is very volatile (ie the price tends to move up and down often without a criterion, with jumps and peaks in value) .

It’s strongly recommended, start to “train” with free Demo accounts. And when you’ll have enough confidence, begin using real money.

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