4 Places To Put Your Testimonial


Websites build trust in several ways, one of which is to include testimonials. You might not believe when a company brags about itself, but when a satisfied customer gushes, it somehow sounds more authentic.

But where should you put the testimonials?

The most obvious place is on a dedicated testimonials page, such as this one. Many websites have a testimonials button in their top menu. People sometimes look for this to see what customers have to say.

That button appears on every page. Whether people visit or not, they know it’s there. That alone might give them a bit of security that you can be trusted, even if they are too lazy or rushed to bother checking out the reviews. After all, what company would post negative reviews on its own website?

Another obvious place is on the home page. While that testimonials button might already be on the home page, you might want more. Your home page is probably the most visited page on your website, the most frequent landing page and the very top of the sales funnel.

But there is no place to post a dozen testimonials on your home page. So you can give them a taste. There are four ways to do this:

  1. Post a single review, then follow it by a links to “read more testimonials”. That link would take them to your testimonials page.
  2. Post snippets from several reviews. Think about those paperback novels you buy that have short snippets like “…outlandishly funny and irreverent…” or “…surely one of the best reads released this summer…”. Then link to “Read the full reviews…and more!”
  3. Put the reviews in a slideshow. Only one shows at a time, but customers can scroll through as many as they wish.
  4. Or just post a couple at the bottom of the home page, like this or like this.

As you can see, you don’t have to choose between the home page and a dedicated testimonials page. Let them work together.

You might prefer to post testimonials on your product or service pages. This offers two benefits. First, the testimonials are right there where the customer is deciding whether to buy or not. A sales page might also be a top-of-the-funnel landing page, or visitors might have reached it through your home page or blog. Either way, you can grab them while they are shopping.

Second, and better still, you can tailor the testimonials to the product or service. Notice how on this book editing page all the testimonials are from book editing clients. This builds further affinity between the prospect and the testimonial.

Another place to post testimonials, which you might find unlikely, is on your blog. Unlikely, yes, but potentially powerful. Blogs are the content that gets shared. It’s what long-term prospects (big ticket, B2B, etc.) are following. And there are great ways to include testimonials.

Try a top testimonials of the month post. If every month you feature the top testimonials, some people will actually watch for the monthly round-up. Others will be reminded that you want their testimonials, so you’ll collect more.

Or base all your blog posts on testimonials. You can start each post with a testimonial, then build on the topic they are testifying about. It’s a great way to focus your content on solid information about your business and your niche, while constantly reminding people that you deliver satisfaction.

Finally, there is social media. If somebody says something nice about you, why not shout it out:

  • “Another satisfied client: [QUOTE]”
  • “So pumped that @SatisfiedClient loves their new WhateverWeDidForThem.”
  • “Thanks for the testimonial @RavingFan. You rock, too!”

These posts might include the testimonial in an image. Or they might include a pic of the person (with their permission, only, of course). There is no better way to turn your social media following into paying customers.

So many places to post testimonials, and there is no need to choose. Use as many of these options as you wish. The more people see your testimonials, the more customers will trust you. It’s that simple.


This guest post is contributed by:

David Leonhardt, President


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