3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Google Ads


Identifying how visitors on end up on your site helps you focus your marketing to get more people to your page.

The world of digital marketing has changed rapidly ever since the popularity of internet users, 4G connectivity and social media platforms. Marketers have constantly evolved their marketing strategies and optimized them to become the most effective and suit the current digital climate. One such method of digital marketing that has proven to be highly effective is Google Ads. Google Ads can help your company become more profitable and successful if you understand and use them optimally. They allow businesses to reach absolutely anyone and everyone that uses Google’s search engine platform and/or other services online.  

Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Ads allow businesses to publish their ads for customers who search for relevant terms or content on Google’s search engine platform and on Google Maps. In addition to having a search engine optimization strategy, businesses should also use Google Ads for a more integrated and full-force approach towards SEO. Google Ads typically works on pay-per-click or PPC basis, according to which businesses set a monthly budget for their ad campaign which the platform automatically pays heed to. 

If your business website doesn’t already have a Google Ads account, listed below are five reasons why you need one at the earliest: 


1. Google Ads increase your leads and customer base

Google Ads is one of the best tools out there for lead generation. If you set up your ad campaign through Google Ads optimally, there is little holding you back from achieving marketing success and gaining targeted leads and traffic on your website. The platform essentially connects people who search for content relevant to your business and introduces your company to them. However, If you are new to Google Ads and have trouble designing a campaign, you can always take help from marketing and SEO agencies that specialize in it such as First Page Google Ads. 


2. Google Ads is very flexible

As a marketing platform, Google Ads is extremely flexible in terms of its overall usage. For instance, all types of businesses and organizations can use Google Ads. They can also customize their usage and targeting in terms of specific types of users. Marketers can target ads on the basis of users’ locations, the type of device in use, and the platform they may be using which includes any platform used by Google such as its search engine, YouTube and Google Maps. Marketers can set budgets for each campaign, set daily limits and edit those on their own terms. 


3. Google Ads have a high ROI

Google ads have a high return on investment in comparison with other marketing platforms. Once optimized, marketers witness high ROI on their Google Ads campaigns in numbers that are incomparable with other platforms. However, reaching a high ROI takes time as optimally optimizing ads on Google requires a learning curve and research on the marketer’s part. In addition to a high ROI, the platform shows results to users almost instantly. The dashboard itself on the platform allows marketers to see how well or how bad their Google Ads campaign is performing which allows them to make required changes accordingly. 

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