The Right Time To Contact A Lawyer After A Traffic Accident


A traffic accident is unfortunate and you are bound to feel frustrated if you get injured due to the negligence of the other driver. Thankfully, you have the right to fight for the compensation you deserve. After all, if someone has been negligent and you have suffered because of it, you can expect to be answered and paid up. However, getting a fair settlement totally depends on how you negotiate with the insurance company or represent your case in court. It is best to have a legal professional representing you in either of the situations because they know how to handle things appropriately. Obviously, you would want to know about the right time to contact a lawyer and hire them to take your case ahead. Here are a few things you need to consider for deciding. 


Your injuries take precedence

When you get into an accident and have injuries, they should take precedence over everything else. There are some injuries that require immediate treatment and delay can make a difference between life and death. In such situations, getting medical treatment should be your top priority. At the same time, you can ask a friend or loved one to get in touch with a lawyer. Timely advice is important because only an expert can guide you about getting the requisite paperwork and medical documentation at the early stages after the accident. These pieces of evidence can go a long way in strengthening your claim and getting you a fair settlement for your injuries.  


Determining liability

Whether you can claim compensation after a traffic accident depends on the fact whether someone else is at fault for the mishap; establishing liability is, therefore, the mainstay of such cases. You should contact a car accident lawyer immediately if you know that you were not at fault but there is still disagreement. Of course, you must seek legal help in such a situation rather than fighting it out on your own.  


Disagreement with the insurance company

Another time when you must connect with an injury lawyer sooner rather than later is when there is an explicit or apparent disagreement with the insurance company. This may even happen when the other driver admits fault but the insurer is not ready to compensate you at all or wants to negotiate for less. While they may try to convince or coerce you for agreeing to an unfair amount in settlement, an expert lawyer can make sure that you get what you deserve. If the settlement doesn’t work out, the lawyer will take your case into the trial to fight for your rights. 

Having a personal injury lawyer to handle your claim makes you confident and assured about getting a compensation amount that would get your life back on track. Whether you are dealing with a guilty driver or the legal team of an insurance company, you can leave things to the lawyer without having to worry about being wrong. 

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