5 Ways to Solve Common Problems as a Business Owner


Becoming an effective business leader is a multifaceted process, from learning essential communication skills to having the confidence to lead your company with unwavering confidence. However, even successful businesses run into their share of problems, and once you launch a startup, you may discover that a small company is no different. While problems are inevitable, the way you deal with these issues as a leader can mean the difference between success and failure for your new startup.


1. Be Humble

When conflict arises in your company, whether it is between yourself and a client or between two employees, keeping your ego deflated and out of the picture can be key in resolving the dispute. You should keep in mind that it is not important to come out on top or win the dispute.

Humility can help you stay focused on the root of the dispute and handle it without letting your personal feelings become a factor. Supporting your employees and your clients should be job one, especially when it comes to getting conflicts resolved quickly.


2. Listen to Both Sides

Conflicts between employees can be one of the most difficult situations you might handle as the head of a company. In many cases, corporate culture guides employees when it comes to conflict, but there are times when you may have to become involved. If this occurs, then listening to both sides from the same viewpoint might help you resolve the issue. Even if you already heard about the conflict from the third party, listening to both sides and understanding why the opposing factors are angry may help you see a way toward a solution.


3. Stay Focused

Sometimes, getting distracted or losing your business motivation can be a bigger problem than human conflict. When this happens, you might find that time is flying by as you get less and less done during the work day. However, there are ways to fight apathy and distractions, and finding techniques that work may help you become a better leader.

One effective way to fight back against these problems is to keep a daily bullet journal. These journals, which you can customize yourself with colors, post-its and other layouts, give you an outlet for creativity so you can stay inspired and allow you to plan and stay focused on larger goals. This may help you pare down distractions and keep you both driven and positive.


4. Dealing with Change

While change is not a problem unto itself, it can cause problems that you may not be prepared for. Change can come in the form of financial issues, a shift in your business plan, or a change in personnel that may threaten a project deadline. However, the way you deal with change shows what kind of business leader you might be.

If need to be inspired for how to deal with business changes, you might want to look to other successful entrepreneurs, such as Eugene Chrinian, CEO of Factory Direct Enterprises, LLC. This successful individual and others like him have all dealt with a variety of changes within their own careers, and learning by example can be one of the most effective strategies for you to create your own techniques.


5. Make Yourself Accessible

If your team runs into problems, they cannot work to solve them if their leader is not available. As the head of your company, it will be your responsibility to make yourself accessible and pitch in when it comes to resolving conflict, no matter its nature. Not only is it important to make yourself physically present, letting your employees know you are approachable can also make them more confident with problem-solving, which can lead to greater team efficiency.

Becoming an effective business leader does not happen overnight. However, by implementing a few problem-solving techniques, you may learn and grow into the role to become a more confident entrepreneur and successful business owner.


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