The 5 Biggest Threats to Your Business


You’d like to think of your business as safe from threats and here to last the distance, but the truth is that danger is lurking everywhere. Of course, few of these are specifically aimed at putting your business in trouble; but that doesn’t mean they’re not real, or that they shouldn’t be treated as threats. Below, we take a look at five of the threats that can have a massive influence on your business.


The Future

What does tomorrow hold? If you’re to believe the experts, it’s going to be a robot-led world. Somewhere in the region of 40% of jobs could be lost over the next two decades due to automation. And you might be thinking, “I’m a business owner, not a worker”, so what does it have to do with you? The automation process will affect everything: your suppliers could go out of business, or decide they don’t need your services anymore. In any case, it’s going to be a faster world, and if you’re still stuck in the past, then it isn’t hard to see how that might affect your business.


The Environment

A lot of the threats to your business will come slowly. You won’t see your profits wiped out overnight due to incompetent staff, for instance. But there is one thing that can cause complete business catastrophe, and that is the environment. With climate change bringing about more extreme, unpredictable weather, it’s important that you select the best small business insurance for your company. Doing so will enable you to get back on your feet quickly if your business premises are damaged.


Other People

You can control what your company does; you do not influence the wider world. You just have to trust that other people will wish you well and won’t cause you any harm. Alas, it does happen sometime. People can leave bad reviews, steal things from your worksite, or – rather inconveniently – set up a rival business and take away some of your profits. You can remedy these concerns by doing the best you can do: that means treating your customers well, having sufficient site security, and always staying one step ahead of your competitors.


Your Staff

Not all the threats to your business will come from external forces. Some will come from the inside. Take, for example, your staff. They have a massive influence on your business; indeed, hiring one poor staff member can set your company back, or at the very least cost a lot of money. Poor workers are one thing, but then there’s also the matter of thieves and people who don’t pull their weight. Take care of this by hiring right and monitoring your worker’s productivity.


Your Ego

Finally, remember that one of the biggest threats will be you! What do we mean? It’s all about your ego. Keep in mind that you don’t have all the answers and that you need other people’s opinions from time to time, and your business will be all the better for it.



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