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UPDATE July 2013 : due to the incredible amount of SPAM requests and use of resources, I have closed the WP site registration. If you want to contribute to this site, please send me an email at erik AT freemakemoneyadvice DOT com. Replace AT with @ and DOT with. And please keep in mind the guidelines as mentioned below.

When you submit content to this blog, in return you will get :

- Exposure on Free MAKE MONEY Advice ;

- Stats : consider that at this moment my blog is a PageRank 3,  MozRank 4,8  and Alexa Rank as you can check here ( it is growing fast) ;

- Traffic and readers : my blog is currently in the frontpage of Google for many keywords and working on some others. Many active subscribers via RSS Feeds or via E-mail ;

- Social Media Exposure : your content will be shared to many Followers (see the numbers in the sidebar) on different social networks profiles.

How to Submit Your Content

1 . Registration : visit this link and register.

As a result of a lot of SPAM registrations, you will be registered as subscriber.

To be upgraded as contributor, you simply need to send me an email (erik AT freemakemoneyadvice DOT com. Replace AT with @ and DOT with .), indicating your username.

After this, you can submit your content for review.

Please do fill your profile. I really appreciate if you have Gravatar.com account to display your image on your blog posts.

2 . Requirements :

  • write something unique, exclusive for this blog only;
  • it has to be high quality content, useful for the readers;
  • it has to be related to “Make Money Online”, “Blogging“, “SEO” or “Internet Marketing” niche;
  • no affiliate links, no self promotion, no duplicate or copied content;
  • mimimum of 600 words 700 words in length;
  • use “WordPress SEO” plugin while submitting your article in the WordPress Dashboard.

3 . Dulicate Content in Archive : please take a look at the Archive page of the blog. If you submit an article which has very similar content of old posts, it is clear that I can not accept it!

4 . Pictures : it is necessary that you send a picture (relevant to the content of your article) at my e-mail. Check it below. The images should not be copyrighted. If needed, mention the image source.

5 . Plagiarism: please do not submit copied content. Your account will be banned permanently (together with the posts you have submitted before).

6 . Please be sure to add only “blogging related links” within your author’s bio.

Your Duties

It is your duty to visit the page of your content when is live, responding to comments and joining the conversation.

If you disregard this, I will have to remove your link within 5 days.

If you do not want to accomplish this, please do not bother submitting your articles.

TIP : as contributor, you will get notified vie email when new comments are added.

Last thing, implied, but not always clear : if you publish your content elsewhere in the web, once you’ve assigned to this blog, I will erase it completely.

Thank you for your assistance and contribution.

How to Contact Me

For any help or information contact me at erik AT freemakemoneyadvice DOT com. Replace AT with @ and DOT with .


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