The Positive and Negative effects of Working Remotely

The internet has not only changed the way we socialise and spend our personal time but it has started to change the way we work. Many of the jobs that until recently required specialised equipment and constant supervision can now, (thanks to our perpetually connected world) be quite comfortably undertaken in the comfort of our […]

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7 Pointers for Taking Quality Images for Your Blog

woman taking a picture with a camera

Images are a part of any good blog. Blocks of text are hideous and, unless you’re writing for an academic journal, are a turnoff to anyone with eyes. Photos not only break up text, but provide an entry point onto which the reader will be immediately drawn into your blog. The cliche is that a […]

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6 Ways to Make Your Blog Better

Blog With Target Board

Making your blog better should be a priority for any blogger. There are many ways you can improve your blog, both in content and looks, but here are six ways to make your blog both functional and appealing. 1. Make it look good Let’s get to the look of your blog. The way your blog […]

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Local Ranking Factor #1: Citations – What They Are and How to Get Them

Local search engine optimization is usually the best way to go about building a brand for yourself if you have a new business. While the idea of competing on the national stage is appealing, it’s often unrealistic for people who are just starting out to be able to reach that immediately. So local SEO is […]

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7 Techniques of Highly Effective Bloggers

"hint" blue button on keyboard

Professional bloggers know that to bring traffic to their site, they need to do more than just create content. A successful blogger must create content that strikes a chord with people and gets them to react. Your website can be a source of great income, but you need to do more than simply create large […]

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Video SEO and Where Linking Comes Into Play

"Hand Pressing a Button on a laptop keyboard

More and more companies are starting to incorporate video and other media into their marketing strategies, and for good reason. Video is a great way to help readers understand a complicated topic, stay interested and soak in the information you’re discussing, and even engage with the content better than traditional text. Consider some of the […]

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5 Tips for Blogging for a Specific Target Audience

"Your Blog Your Way" sentence written on a wall

The fastest way to the blog cemetery is to write a nondescript, vague blog that has no focus, no central theme, and no specific audience. Once you have your main concept in place, the next most important step is to determine for whom you’re writing your content. Before you answer, know that your answer can’t […]

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Blogging for Bucks: New Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Computer technical service. Isolated 3D image

Profitable blogging takes work, but for industrious entrepreneurs, it can pay off. In 2012, eight percent of 1,000 U.S. bloggers surveyed earned enough online to support a family, while nine percent enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle from working four to six hours daily. Amazingly, two percent earned more than $150,000 annually working one to two hours […]

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Get Cash for Your Stuff with Music Magpie


In the struggle for survival, especially in this difficult economic situation, you can manage to do well especially if you are very creative, proving to be able to come up with a new business. The idea behind these initiatives is not always the classic stroke of genius, and often you need simply to take advantage […]

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How to Launch an Effective Online Competition

Camera to win

Online businesses often invest vast amounts of time into online competitions to gain more custom or social media followers. Yet many of these competitions ultimately fail to bring in the customers and new interest they should. Social media is awash with competitions and offers and it is difficult to stand out and really generate interest. […]

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