Blogging Tools

Whether you want to start blogging just for passion or you aspire to create your online business and make blogging your main income, you will need the tools listed below.

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Domain Name Registrar


Everything start here : if you want to create your online business or just your personal blog, you will need a domain name. GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar for domain names. You will find interesting offers and it is very fast to obtain your domain name.

You can use it also in order to check available domain names, without signing up.

Blogging Platforms


It is the recommended blogging platform. There are many ways to customize your blog with WordPress, you will find many options for free or premium templates and the different plugins available make blogging accessible to anyone!

Free WordPress Themes

Here you can find many free themes available and this is the starting point for any new blogger. When you will realize that a free theme is no longer enough for you, then you can switch to a premium template whenever you want.


WooThemes are fantastic if you want to have a good looking blog or if you just want to differentiate from the most part of traditional available WordPress templates. The blog theme I used on this site before changing to Genesis was “Fresh News”, and it’s from WooThemes. I highly recommend them and their themes are definitely worth investing in.

WooThemes are really simple to use and the settings you will find once installed the theme are easily configurable even if you are inexperienced.

Genesis Framework and Child Themes 

I have switched from WooThemes to Genesis Framework and Generate Child Theme, because I think Genesis looks more professional and clean and above all I can customize the Genesis Child Theme much more than Woothemes.

You need to learn how to change and modify CSS and PHP codes, but with StudioPress Forums and Tutorials, this is accessible to everyone.

I think also that Genesis Framework is much faster than Woothemes. Just try it and you let me know.


If you want to start a serious online business it is better if you have your own hosted website, without the risk, if you use a “.blogspot” or “.wordpress” free service, that in the future your website will be removed for any reason.

And with your own domain name, self hosted, you will look much more professional.


HostGator is very popular( now hosting over 4,000,000 domains!) and clients are very satisfied : your site is ensured to be up at 99% percent guarantee. They also offer an easy interface (CPanel), a lof or useful tools and free software or themes for your site.

Customers generally report that Hostgator has the best customer support offered by a web hosting company.

From my own experience, I had a fantastic support from HostGator whenever I got issues to solve. They removed malware from my sites (reported from Google in Webmaster Tools) within 3 hours. Not bad!

And during almost 3 years, the downtime was only few hours.

The chat assistance if great, you just need to wait few minutes to receive help and to solve any troubles related to hosting services.

HostGator technicals are very helpful in suggesting even for things outside of the hosting service.

Email Marketing


I use Aweber to manage my email subscribers. Aweber gives you a lot of flexibility. In addition to automatically emailing your subscribers when you have a new blog post, it lets you email them any time, for any reason. This helps you build a deeper relationship with your community by sending special emails.

You can use this for anything from promoting products to giving away free stuff. Get started with Aweber for just $1.

WordPress Professional Plugins


This fantastic plugin let you add CommentLuv links to comments, encouraging traffic and community around your site. It also protects you from spam with plugin G.A.S.P. included. You will also receive Twitter Link plugin, increasing  your Twitter followers and Keyword Name, which adds keywords to your commenter names.

Accepting Payments


After you have registered with PayPal, you can start accepting credit card payments. As the number one online payment service in the world, PayPal is the fastest way to open doors to over 220 million accounts opened in the world. But most of all, registering is completely free. To register or for more information, click here.


They are the world’s leading largest distributor of digital products – most of all ebooks and software. You can choose between more than 30.000 products in many categories and their affiliate program is easy to join. You earn a commission on every sale you make trough your affiliate link.

Affiliate Programs

Google Adsense

The most popular and best pay per click advertising network is run by Google. At beginning in your way to make money blogging Google Adsense is a must to have. Just run the Adsense script on your blog and ads relevant to your content will automatically be displayed.


It is also a popular and versatile program. Simply link to Amazon related products for affiliate income earning potential.

Ebay Partner Network

With Ebay affiliate publisher program, you can link to any specific Ebay auction or link to an Ebay ad based on keywords to get a commission cut of the sales generated.


It is an affiliate program that have a common interface with multiple affiliate programs. LinkShare offers many companies affiliate programs and allows you as affiliate to join and earn commissions.

Commission Junction

It is the leader as affiliate marketing program, online advertising  and search engine marketing. They offer very good opportunities for both merchants and affiliates, making easy their relationship and with their experience they offer the best results for its customers.


It is an online advertising company that provides in-text advertising services to website owners worldwide. Infolinks intelligently scans web pages using its dynamic proprietary algorithm and converts carefully selected keywords into relevant Pay Per Click (PPC) in-text ads. You can use both Infolinks and Chitika with Adsense in the same page.



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Happy Blogging! :-)