SEO Thinking Outside the Rank Better Box

When most people think of SEO, and the money that a highly ranked page will bring to them, they only ever think of pleasing the almighty Google machine. The problem is that this narrow minded approach closes people off from exploring other avenues that just may really strike a chord with their audience. To cut […]

SEO for Small Business Owners

Search engine optimisation is the practice of making changes or alterations to your company website, with the aim of improving your page rankings and searchability on the likes of Google and Yahoo. Changes made with SEO in mind can give you the online advantage over your competitors, while also improving the browsing experience of any […]

6 Reasons that SEO for Small Businesses is Essential

In this contemporary era, more and more people are opening their own businesses. Although there are many strategies that can be implemented to make these small businesses successful, effective use of good SEO practices is critical for growth and expansion. By learning more about SEO and the role it plays in helping small businesses improve […]

Local Ranking Factor #1: Citations – What They Are and How to Get Them

Local search engine optimization is usually the best way to go about building a brand for yourself if you have a new business. While the idea of competing on the national stage is appealing, it’s often unrealistic for people who are just starting out to be able to reach that immediately. So local SEO is […]

Video SEO and Where Linking Comes Into Play

More and more companies are starting to incorporate video and other media into their marketing strategies, and for good reason. Video is a great way to help readers understand a complicated topic, stay interested and soak in the information you’re discussing, and even engage with the content better than traditional text. Consider some of the […]

Retargeting and Remarketing: The Facts, the Good, and the Bad.

You’ve seen these customers before—whether it’s in an actual store or an online one, there will always be shoppers who will simply browse the aisles and just abandon the cart altogether. As a business owner, wouldn’t it be great not just for customers to know you’re the shop they can go to for specific needs […]

Black or White: Which Hat Are You “Wearing” with SEO?

Like cowboys in old spaghetti Westerns, search engine optimization (SEO) can be broadly categorized into two groups: black hat and white hat — and just like in the movies, one is good and one is evil. Well, evil may be a little strong, but unscrupulous SEO practices are often labeled black hat SEO, and those […]

Common Web Design Mistakes To Avoid – Blogging Tips

Every web designer tries to design an effective website, without making any mistake. But, it is not at all mandatory that all the trials give effective results. Some websites exists on the internet which has lots of mistakes or errors in it and these errors distract the users from the site. Some of the common […]

A Quick Walk-Through Guide To SEO For Small Businesses

A lot of small businesses understand that they have to do SEO if they want to see more customers coming through the door. The problem is that SEO is sold and the “experts” have convinced us that we have to pay a good amount of money if you want quality SEO that will improve customer […]

Black and White Animality: What You Need To Know About Google Updates

Over 2 years ago, Google unleashed a wild animal on the online world that wreaked havoc on search engine rankings. Its colors? Black and white. A year later, the company let loose another monochrome monster that was the cause of grief of many a website owner. Though they might not be literal feral beasts, the […]