How and Why to Check Your Online Reputation

Have you googled yourself or your business lately? You should. Relationship building through social media is a prime business function. But just as effectively as you can build business this way, others can destroy you — and you might not even know it. Whether you’re a small business or large, your customer base is going […]

The Essential Guide To Advertising Your Business And Becoming Successful Quickly

No matter which market you currently operate within, knowing how to successfully and effectively advertise your business will be a key element in the eventual prosperity you achieve further down the line. Some methods are more suitable than others, so which ones you choose should depend heavily on the nature of your company, and the […]

Key Steps to Successful Affiliate Marketing

An ever growing market with potentially limited potential for expansion, the world of affiliate marketing has grown considerably in the last few years, as internet savvy individuals are beginning to see it as a legitimate source of extra income. Indeed, many have even taken it a step further and have devoted their entire professional lives […]

How to Create an Effective Online Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Marketing your business online is a requirement. You must have a comprehensive online marketing strategy in order to remain relevant in the modern business world. While it may have been enough in the late 1990s, simply having a website is no longer sufficient. Your business must have a complete online marketing strategy. This strategy must constantly expose […]

How to Make Sure Your Facebook Timeline Cover Works With Your Profile Picture

Some of the most creative and impressive brands and companies on Facebook have gone out of their way to make sure that their Facebook cover photo matches up with their profile picture, working together to send a strong message about the brand or to make a really cool composite image. While this definitely takes more […]

How to Launch an Effective Online Competition

Online businesses often invest vast amounts of time into online competitions to gain more custom or social media followers. Yet many of these competitions ultimately fail to bring in the customers and new interest they should. Social media is awash with competitions and offers and it is difficult to stand out and really generate interest. […]

Producing Great SEO Copywriting

Effective SEO copy is more than just the requisite percentage of carefully chosen keywords.  The keywords boost the search engine rankings, but that is all they do. To actually get the people who find the site to read it and make the leap to purchase, join or sign up for something, a website needs interesting […]

Retargeting and Remarketing: The Facts, the Good, and the Bad.

You’ve seen these customers before—whether it’s in an actual store or an online one, there will always be shoppers who will simply browse the aisles and just abandon the cart altogether. As a business owner, wouldn’t it be great not just for customers to know you’re the shop they can go to for specific needs […]

Top 10 Free Tools to Rocket Your Blog into Outer Space

Busting into the blogging scene is easy. All you do is show up, write a few words, and people will flock to you. No worries! Wrong. But that’s what so many bloggers think. And when people don’t show up, they get frustrated and quit. People don’t show up because the net is overcrowded and listening […]

Is Striving For Engagement Everything?

‘I need more comments’ wishes every bloggers. When asked why, they reply that more comments are tantamount and symbolize engagement. That is completely fine. A final question, though. Why do you need more engagement? Most bloggers out there have no idea about engagement. They are either misinformed or ignorant about the power of reader’s engagement […]