About Deb Bixler

Deb teaches direct sales marketing skills specific to the home business owner. Learn the success techniques that Deb used to retire from the corporate world using home party plan sales techniques to replace her $80,000 year salary in only 9 months.

4 Ways to Increase Average Shopping Cart Order

Online sales are a huge part of any business, and if your shopping cart keeps coming up empty or has very little sales, you need to boost your volume. Here are 4 ways to increase the average order value of your shopping cart so you can enjoy great online sales every day. Increase sales By […]

Now is the Perfect Time to Start a Home Business

One of the effects of an unstable economy is a lack of job security. People who have been at the same job for decades suddenly find themselves laid off and out of work. Once you are out of work, you are the mercy of a job market that can be unforgiving and disinterested in your […]

Leave A Powerful Direct Sales Business Voicemail

The proof is in the follow up. No matter where you got a lead there is always follow up and technology sometimes works against us in that area! The online and direct sales business is an industry founded on communication and connections. One of the best ways to communicate is through the phone. However it […]