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Feel Safe with Mozy’s Backup Service

If you work with a computer, then you need a secure backup service. You do not want to lose all your data and throw away all your efforts.   Mozy Backup Service Mozy was founded in 2005 and then EMC bought it in 2007. As pioneers in this market, they count almost 4 million customers with offices around the […]

Big Business Taking Education in their Own Hands

What happens when local governments and several of the largest businesses in the world partner together with the goal to train America’s next generation of workers? This question, as well as a solution, popped up following a search for qualified workers with only a handful of workers possessing barely enough skills to earn them jobs […]

Save Money on Online File Storage and Access Your Data from Anywhere

There is no need to add one more bill to your monthly line up in the form of payment for an online storage hub, at least not in the midst of all of the myriad free services that are now available to anyone who signs up. Those who want to ensure that their digital data is accessible […]

A Handy Guide to Payment Methods

Whether you’re buying online or offline, there are plenty of ways to pay for the things that you purchase. This guide gives you a brief insight into some of the most popular payment methods and the benefits and drawbacks of each. Cash Paying in cash used to be the most popular method, but now it’s […]

How to Recruit Talented Human Resources for Your Small Business

The selection of personnel is one of the core activities of a company, since it is through this process that the organization provides new human capital in order to create value . Very often, however, when it comes to selection, recruiters tend to put the emphasis mainly on the selection and use of appropriate techniques, […]

How Google’s Design is Dictated by Dollars

Can you tell the difference between a paid and organic Google search result? Years ago, it was a bit easier, when organic listings featured a white background, being ten in number, and paid ads, superimposed on highlighted backgrounds, appeared at the top and right of the screen. Now, things are a bit different; Google’s had […]

How to Make Sure Your Facebook Timeline Cover Works With Your Profile Picture

Some of the most creative and impressive brands and companies on Facebook have gone out of their way to make sure that their Facebook cover photo matches up with their profile picture, working together to send a strong message about the brand or to make a really cool composite image. While this definitely takes more […]

Blogging for Bucks: New Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Profitable blogging takes work, but for industrious entrepreneurs, it can pay off. In 2012, eight percent of 1,000 U.S. bloggers surveyed earned enough online to support a family, while nine percent enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle from working four to six hours daily. Amazingly, two percent earned more than $150,000 annually working one to two hours […]

Get Cash for Your Stuff with Music Magpie

In the struggle for survival, especially in this difficult economic situation, you can manage to do well especially if you are very creative, proving to be able to come up with a new business. The idea behind these initiatives is not always the classic stroke of genius, and often you need simply to take advantage […]

Five Web Design Tips to Boost your Ecommerce Sales

No matter what type of website you operate, it’s important to consider both form and function. To make money online, it’s important to create a website that’s aesthetically appealing, user-friendly, and innovative. Good web design can make your website stand out from the competition while presenting your products or services in the most appealing format, […]