SEO Thinking Outside the Rank Better Box

When most people think of SEO, and the money that a highly ranked page will bring to them, they only ever think of pleasing the almighty Google machine.

The problem is that this narrow minded approach closes people off from exploring other avenues that just may really strike a chord with their audience.

To cut right to it, I’m suggesting that you stop focusing on Google and instead focus on the second largest search engine.

What is the second largest search engine? Yahoo? Bing? Wrong, wrong and WRONG.

The world’s second largest search engine is YouTube. Yes, the video sharing service is a search engine itself, a search engine for videos.

How can YouTube help me improve my SEO?

This, again, is a situation where you have to think beyond just making Google happy with your inbound links, anchor text, site ranking, PageRank and all that other nonsense they’ve created which keeps SEO people like us up late at night.

What I’m proposing is using YouTube as an area of the web where increasing your presence in turn increases your chances of being found by people who want to find you – just the same way as a higher ranking in Google will.

The thinking behind this is that instead of spending hours finding one new link to connect with your blog, you can take 10-15 minutes to fire off a quick YouTube video that could attract hundreds, or even thousands, of viewers.

What’s more is that those interested in your content may not even be looking for your information in text – they may want a video!

You’ll have to take a look at the investment of time versus your return on that time investment.

The key is to get out of the thinking that you can only ever work towards increasing your page ranking to increase your SEO.

a statue of a man thinking

How do I make all new youTube content too? I’m busy enough!

That’s the beauty of this plan. Remember above when I said ‘10-15 minutes to fire off a quick YouTube’ video?

I’m sure you thought, ‘slow your roll, it’s going to take me longer than that to come up with an idea, write the script, shoot and edit the video and then post it.’

But you’ve got it all wrong.

You have ALREADY WRITTEN the script and have your idea – take your latest blog post, talk about, hype it up, and ask people to click on a link to read the rest.

Be sure that you’re giving people valuable information within the video, the information you have already written in your latest blog post, so that they’re interested in your video and want to learn more by clicking over to your blog.

Optimize your YouTube videos to reach the widest audience

Ok, we all know that we have to optimize all of our content on-page to get the best possible results.

YouTube is no different, their on-page optimization is in the form information that is similar to your blog or website.

Here are the places that need to be looked at, check out this article written by YouTube for further clarification:


  • Title – this is the title that will come up when people are looking at their search results. You want a short and snappy one which will immediately tell people what your video is about.
  • Descriptions – you will use this space to elaborate on what was written in the title. Give people more information, don’t just use the same words from the title all over again.
  • Tags – this is where you will put some of your keywords related to this specific video. Do not try and pack it full of all the words and phrases that matter to your overall channel, only use the ones that apply to this specific video.
  • Image thumbnail – every video will have a still image that displays when search results are returned. Have a great image from your video ready to use as this, plan for it when you shoot it. It doesn’t have to be anything outrageous, a close up of your smiling face could be enough.
  • Annotations – this is a bonus feature for those who want to go a bit further. An annotation is a text link that appears during the video for people to click on. Putting one of these up and saying a simple ‘click the link to learn more’ call to action in your video can dramatically increase your viewer engagement. 


There is also YouTube Channel optimization, but I’m focusing on the videos themselves. If you follow these few optimization tips, link smartly back to your blog and do it constantly you will soon be able to make even more money with your blog as not only will you get more traffic, but a great YouTube channel itself can make money too!

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  1. You are not talking about SEO, but about online marketing in general. It make a huge difference, this isn’t thinking out of the box, but expanding the onlne marketing strategy.

    • I think you missed the point. I wanted people to start thinking of YouTube as a chance to work on their SEO outside of the ‘always please Google search’ paradigm.
      If you really have the time to pick at nits, you could more accurately call this approach search engine optimization for social engagement linking. But who has the time to say all that? ;-)

  2. Including a video strategy to SEO could mean a lot of increase to search engine increase. Many marketers that are employing YouTube videos are having quite a lot of traffic shares.

    Its important to consider this approach because, as they say, “picture says more than a thousand word”.

    I completely agree with the take of this post. It becomes necessary for marketers to consider how to utilize video optimization effectively.
    This comment was left in – the content syndication and social bookmarking website for Internet marketers where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor

  3. I’ve been ignoring YouTube and its importance brilliantly! I must admit that fact. And I often feel guilty about it. About not tapping up that resource.

    I blame this lack of use of YouTube for SEO benefits on time constraints. Using YouTube as an arena/platform to get found by more people sounds like a good idea. So is the idea of making quick fire videos. I guess sparing 30 minutes for making a video is not out of my reach!

    And thanks for providing those YouTube optimization tips there. In past, I had uploaded couple of videos on YouTube. But I must admit that those were poorly optimized by me. I didn’t even addressed the basics of optimization tips you shared!

    This article will sure help me out. It’ll help me in exploiting YouTube and get increased visibility.


  4. I always concentrate only on Google and other search Engines. Completely lost idea about Youtube.You have thrown a insight to me about youtube. Am gonna try optimising my videoas and therby I hope lot of traffic.keep posting

  5. Clever writing. Never had a idea that YouTube is the second search engine. I will try my best to upload some videos and get most out of it

  6. Video marketing makes the audiences more viral on SEO

  7. This is one of the SEO methods that I haven’t tried, mainly because I’m a shy person in front of camera. Probably I should hire someone to do this for me.

    ps: Thanks for sharing the link to Youtube Optimization page. Didn’t know about that page before.

  8. No problem Rudd, I like creating link rich articles so that my readers have a chance to discover even more.

  9. With video Its easy to understand
    breaking news.

  10. You have just reiterated what I have trying to convince my clients about. Youtube, Vimeo Metacafe, Bing Videos and To some extent Vine are amazing for SEO. They give extremely high ranking backlinks which is worth more than a few thousand low Pr back links.

  11. This is one of the SEO methods that I haven’t tried!

  12. Hi Matthew,
    Very well said, I am definitely going to use this trick to improve my SEO and Rankings. Thanks for sharing this useful informative piece of content :)

  13. Thanks for sharing great article. Some great points here to increase my web traffic. I think YouTube is the best platform to increase your page ranking to increase your SEO. YouTube really helps to improve SEO.
    Thanks for sharing valuable info with us.

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