Key Steps to Successful Affiliate Marketing

An ever growing market with potentially limited potential for expansion, the world of affiliate marketing has grown considerably in the last few years, as internet savvy individuals are beginning to see it as a legitimate source of extra income.

Indeed, many have even taken it a step further and have devoted their entire professional lives to internet marketing. But what turn a good affiliate into a great affiliate?

In truth there is no easy answer, as the range of potential products and services that can be promoted through affiliate marketing means that there has been an equally diverse range of practices and methods used to exploit it.

If you’re completely in the dark about this whole affiliate marketing though let me fill you in. Essentially all affiliate marketing boils down to is uploading links that direct your viewers to your affiliate partners site.

It’s a relatively modern form of marketing that has its roots in the early nineties, when companies would hire members of the general public to direct people into their stores.

The reasoning is that people are more likely to trust ‘one of their own’ than a company drone.

The affiliate marketing of today is essentially the same practice, only online. As you can imagine, there are thousands of affiliate marketers currently operating globally and to appear ahead of the pack, you’re going to need all the help you can get.

Below you’ll find 3 key steps that all potential affiliates will want to consider before embarking on a career in online marketing.

Choose the right partners

Obviously if your blog adheres to a specific niche, you’ll want to use partners whose products reflect that niche.

For example if you’re running a blog that deals with health and fitness you should be looking for affiliates that deal with products such as health supplements and gym equipment and services such as personal training. If your blog is less focused of course you’ll have potential options, but it’s always best to have a clear, defined focus.

Also, try not to focus on affiliates that only sell small ticket (inexpensive) items and services.

The majority of affiliate marketing works on a commission basis and that commission will generally be a percentage of whatever your affiliate partner is selling. 5% of £1000 is significantly more desirable than 5% of £10 and whilst less expensive items might gain you more clicks, the clicks will ultimately mean less.

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Find a balance

As a blogger, affiliate marketing can potentially create an enormous amount of revenue for you and whomever it is you’re partnering with, but if you’re too heavy handed with it, your blog could lose its credibility.

As your blog loses credibility it will lose viewers and that will sending it spiralling down the search engine results rankings, leading your partners feeling like they’ve backed a lame horse.

Be sure to keep your blog stocked with content that isn’t affiliate marketing based or people will soon see through you and you’ll not only lose your blog but also any potential revenue you could earn through it.

If your content is not worth reading then nobody will read it, it really is that simple.

Research affiliate companies

Unfortunately as an affiliate, there’s very little chance you’ll be going it alone.

If you really want to make a decent amount of revenue you’ll need to use an affiliate program.

The company who run the program will be the ones paying you so make sure that you do as much research as possible into the companies rates in comparison to their competitors and ask around to see if the company you’re considering have a good track record with their users.

Most affiliate programs will operate on a ‘pay per click’ or ‘pay per sale’ basis. With PPC, you’ll get a commission for every person who visits your site and is referred to your affiliate partners site through your links and with PPS you’ll only get your commission if the visiter eventually ends up purchasing an item or service from your partner’s site.

Obviously you’ll generally gain more commission from a PPS system, but the commission will be far more infrequent.

Whether you decide you prefer PPC or PPS depends very much on your own personal preferences but make sure that the company you choose to work for uses the payment arrangement that you’re most comfortable with.

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Crispin has been writing about affiliate marketing for years and is currently working with the affiliate marketing network ClickSure.

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  1. To be successful in affiliate marketing, we must consider several things.

    I must say that you should focus on building traffic to your site. Well, that is necessary and then work on your SEO so your site ranks organically in search engines. In addition, you can try a PPC campaign and have your ads linking to relevant content on your site.

    Quite tricky right? So everyone who is in-line with this king of marketing should be careful. :)

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  2. I agree with the details of this post. I would also want to add that becoming a great affiliate requires the Internet marketers to learn how to create and offer value, learn how to socialize and connect to the right persons, and keep learning and applying the best practices of affiliate.

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  3. Hi Crispin. Your writing shows that you have good knowledge on affiliate marketing. I do agree with your points.

  4. I am difficult in starting affiliate marketing. after reading your article, I see that you have a lot of experience in this field. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more helpful information from you. Have a nice day

  5. This was a very thorough and useful article. I am a relatively new affiliate marketer and I agree with your advice to find some higher-ticket items to promote. Making 5% of $10 doesn’t pay me enough to afford to advertise.

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