How to Make Sure Your Facebook Timeline Cover Works With Your Profile Picture

Some of the most creative and impressive brands and companies on Facebook have gone out of their way to make sure that their Facebook cover photo matches up with their profile picture, working together to send a strong message about the brand or to make a really cool composite image.

While this definitely takes more time, it is well worth the effort.

Research into the topic shows that people spend more time looking at the cover photo on a Facebook page than at any other element of it, and the longer you can hook them into your page the better.

That’s why you need to make sure that the Facebook timeline cover photo that you use does a few things. It needs to look professional and give people a strong first impression. It also needs to speak to your brand and messaging, so that you are positively impacting peoples’ thoughts about your company or brand in the way tat you want to.

Finally, it needs to tie together nicely with the rest of your Facebook timeline and with your profile picture.

Here are some tips from that should help you in that regard.

Use the Right Sizes

You can’t make your profile picture and cover photo work together if you don’t know how big each of them is.

The cover photo should be 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels high, while the profile picture is 125 pixels by 125 pixels.

Once you get these sizes down, you can play around with them on your own to try to come up with ideas that connect well. If everything goes well, you can come up with some ideas that will really resonate well with your target audience.


Have a Strong Impact

Your cover photo needs to stand out. It needs to be out of the ordinary, so that people cannot just gloss over it.

Too many companies simply use a logo, which does not grab as much attention as a panoramic view or a really cool action scene.

Try to think of activities and actions that connect well with your company and use them to lure people in and keep them on your page.

The more unique and visually impressive your cover photo is, the better the odds are that you will be able to get someone to pay attention to what you have to say.

Write Out a Message

If you don’t think you can send the right message through nothing but images, you can also incorporate some words into your image.

You won’t want to use more than a sentence or two, but you can include it in the cover photo even though you aren’t allowed to share product information or contact information.

As a result, your branding and motto becomes a very important aspect that you can share with visitors to your Facebook timeline.

You can also use this cover creator tool to create your own personalized facebook covers.

Integrate them Together

You may consider editing one large picture that includes both your cover photo and profile picture and then cropping and cutting until you get the two images that you can upload separately.

When they are linked together, it provides a really cool appearance and integration that will keep customers staring for a couple of minutes.

Try to get them wondering about how you created such a stunning visual, as this will keep them on your page and help you to have a chance to communicate with them and develop them into loyal customers who are worth more money to your company after viewing your page than they were before.

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