Tips For Customizing Your YouTube Channel

The estimates concerning the amount of video uploaded onto YouTube vary.  There is a video about anything and everything.  Some say that it is 35 hours of video uploaded every minute!

Now, stop to think about how many of these people are just like you – 80% of the videos are done by amateurs, just like you. You want to find out how to make your video stand out from the rest.

These tips for customizing your YouTube channel will help to make your channel unique, and catch the eye of not only viewers, but of the search engines, as well.

Choose Your Channel Name

Your first step is to, of course, get a YouTube account. When you do that, you get your own channel. It’s as easy as that! So, give this a little thought.

Before you get your account, do some research about key words and key phrases. If you own a siding company in Dallas, Texas, the first phrase you would search would be “siding companies in Dallas, Texas”.

Then, you use every combination of those words, punctuations, abbreviations such as “TX”, and even misspelled words that you can think of. When you settle on a key phrase or keyword, use that as your account name.

That way, when someone types it in, your video may be on the first page, and attract attention.

Google bought out YouTube quite sometime ago and I have my theory that they favor YouTube videos over other related “video submission sites”.  I see them all the time on the first page of Google.

Youtube On Tablet

Make It Look Like Your Website

Then, you design your channel. Use the same colors and fonts that you have on your website. This will help in branding your business.

Viewers will know that they are in the right place, if they follow a link from your video to your website. If there is an extreme difference between the two, the viewer may think he has been misdirected.

Customizing a YouTube channel isn’t that hard to do and if you really want you can just hire someone on to do it for $5 dollars.

Use Your Profile Well

You’ll fill out a user profile on YouTube. Use this as a resume. You don’t even have to have it printed on parchment paper!

In your profile, you can put all of the information that you need to identify with your target group. Include a good photograph of yourself, too.

Sure, you can have your business logo on there – after all, you paid a graphic designer good money for that – but people want a personal link, and a photo does that.

Don’t forget to put an http://www. link to your site or blog.  If you leave out the http:// part it will not be a clickable link.

Be Yourself

You don’t have to be a TV star to make a video. Remember that 80% number as you present your information. If you simply can’t handle the idea of being on camera, then handle the camera yourself as you film others doing the work.

You can even voice over the narration later, before you post the video. Or, use Camtasia, Screenshare, PowerPoint to present your material.

Call To Action

Your video should have a call to action at the end. “If you want to know more about the advantages of aluminum siding over vinyl siding, call us at the number on our website.” “Call us today for more information.”

With a call to action at the end, and a cohesive look for your channel, your video channel will bring you more targeted traffic.

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  1. Richie Richardson says:

    Cool info. However I am trying to find some video creating software at lowest price. Do you know some?

  2. I really think that the migration of personal channels takes away the creativity. I gave up my personal channel, for my company I am using Clipster for Youtube. It had more freedom in backgrounds and layout and it makes it look like a little website. We just need to get used to it.

  3. We can’t miss call to action whenever have the chance. Nice tips

  4. Thanks brother, I just upload around 10 video this month. This is useful to me..!

  5. Yes it would be good way to introduce yourself as well as your product and one more thing beside that you should notice your video length shouldn’t too much.

  6. Thanks for the tips. Very informative and timely piece. Now I’m going to make set up my Youtube Channel :)

  7. Aman Bansal says:

    Hello Ryan,

    You have mentioned a perfect way to customize the youtube channel because if channel doesn’t contain the correct information about the owner of channel, it will not be a good thing while we talk about google adsense for youtube videos.

    I also try to make a video with online tools but failed to get best quality that I wanted. Can you help me to get best tools for creating videos. I would be very thankful to you if you can help me in this way….

  8. I was just looking for how to customize you tube channel ! actually I try to customize my you tube channel but there was to much option & I became confuse to I couldn’t customize but now I can customize youtube channel easy :)

  9. I am planning to get my channel customized by someone on Fiverr.Will follow the colour theme of my website.People have now started marketing using annotations too.I think that spoils the whole charm of Youtube.

  10. hi Ryan Simms
    i have a Youtube account, but had no idea that I had a channel that I could actually customize. Still working on it, but it’s getting better thanks to your tips!

  11. Nikhil Gavade says:

    Ryan you posted a unique information for readers. Your topic is easy to understand for every user which is very important while blogging. I think, readers can get helpful and extra ordinary ideas about Youtube Channel by reading your post.

  12. Right now i am publishing some video on youtube, They are high in demand like”How to get edu backlinks” etc. Your tips will help me a lots to get more attention from there. Thanks a lot

  13. Shahalam khan says:

    I have a YouTube channel but didn’t knew how to customize it properly, thanks for this informative post, I can customize it now, thanks for sharing.

  14. Thanks for the great post! Youtube channel has to customized for sure! It’s the part of your brand and it has to have its signature style.

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