Writing For SEO and Readers

Writing for SEO is so much more than strategically placing a plethora of keywords throughout an article in order to increase traffic to a website.

In fact, Google Panda, one of Google’s methods of tracking websites containing poor content, may detect and punish websites by lowering traffic to your destination.

There are two methods that smart and savvy SEO marketers use to increase visibility and awareness in websites: excellent content creation using SEO and social sharing. Both of these methods will attract and turn visitors into customers.

Excellent Content Creation

Content creation must come first in order for the website to establish authority. Misinformation, plagiarism (also referred to as farming), poor grammar, punctuation, and shoddy paragraphs will significantly reduce one’s credibility and ethos. An SEO marketer needs to write excellent content so once readers find your website, they will stay on the page, and then return to read more great information later.

So what kinds of content will attract readers, and turn visitors into customers? Here are some ideas and suggestions for maintaining excellent content on your website:

Be Entertaining

Making people laugh is an art, especially in writing. If you have a knack for wit, by all means, go for it. One of my favorite websites is Catfoodbreath.com. (That’s a terrific example.) The blog on the website states “Catfoodbreath: Furry.Feline.Fabulous.” The tag line for this website’s twitter feed is “I am a seventeen pound cat with a sushi habit.”

Just from the URL catfoodbreath.com, readers will know that

a) the website is going to be about cats;

b) the tone of the website is going to be humorous and light.

On a side note, make sure the URL matches your website. Otherwise, it may appear deceiving to readers.

The content of the website is cat-related, fun, and humorous. The cat is always trying to farm off the family dog (dubbed the Labradumb). What makes this website work is the entertainment factor, and has also been named a cat blog finalist.

So, if you have a clever idea, and have the humor to match, you can be successful.

Be Informative

A website should have a take-away aspect for readers. Provide information that will enlighten, inform, or inspire. As an example, if your website has a domestic theme, you can include a favorite recipe for readers to try.

If your website is writing-related, provide a writing prompt or tip, or refer readers to a website. Book, movie, music, or web reviews are effective ways to inform your readers.

The website rottentomatoes.com is an informative website that has been used by librarians for movie selections, and for readers who want to see a movie, but is not sure to spend the money at the theatre or rent it on Netflix.

Rottentomatoes.com features reviews from film critics across the U.S., and also features reviews by readers. Not only is rottentomatoes.com an informative website, it is also a fun website: if the reviews are above 50%, the movie gets a certified fresh tomato. If the reviews are at 50% or below, the movie gets a rotten tomato.

There is a big green splat next to the movie icon, hence the website’s name and theme.

Hands writing on keyboard as content writer

SEO Social Sharing

Once you have established a humorous or informative website, you can talk about sharing!

This is the second important part of having a successful website. You can have a fantastic website, but it will not be useful if people cannot find it.

Here are some ways to use social networking and sharing to direct traffic to your website.


First of all, make sure that your readers can find you. If your link shows up on Facebook or Twitter, and your readers click on the link only to view the dreaded 404 error message, it will turn people away from your website.

The 404 error message is the cyber equivalent of a dead end road or a roadblock. Check your links to be sure they are live.

Using Social Networking Websites

On the bottom of your website, there should be buttons such as Digg, Email, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Encouraging readers to share your information is free advertising and it is word-of-mouth online.

It is also helpful to set up accounts on social networking sites to interact and redirect readers to your website. When readers do ask questions or make comments, it is important to provide quick and positive feedback, so readers do not feel ignored.

If you are not sure where to start with social networking, I would recommend starting with Facebook and Twitter.


Now that you have a few ideas about what constitutes excellent content creation, two ways of delivering the information on your website (humorous and informative), and a quick course on using social media for sharing and attracting readers, you are on your way to effective writing for SEO and customers.

About Haris

Haris leads the SEO and Creative Strategy at AdFicient, a PPC management company that provides AdWords management services, search engine optimization, and split testing. Haris loves watching UFC and MMA fights in his spare time.


  1. When it comes to write for SEO and Readers, first thing I do is making Post title different from Meta Title. It helps me to convince SEO and Readers at the same time. Though I believe that we always shouldn’t do that.
    Thanks for nice sharing.

  2. For me there is a huge difference to write for Google or for readers. You know, when you write for people you put a soul in your article, from other hand when you realize that no one but Google will “read” your writing then you write dry, soulless words stuffing with key words and that’s all. Your article has a soul. Thanks for this!

    • Thanks for the comment Evan. I think we should all strive to write for readers first. Google search is evolving everyday and they’re trying to make Google be as humanistic as possible. So eventually, there shouldn’t be a difference between the readers and search engines.

  3. Istiak, that’s true. We all need to keep in mind what’s inside the title tag is what shows up in SERPs, so we need to use that to grab people’s attention and attract their clicks.

  4. It has made big challenge to write a content like that which will give you profit in both for SEO as well as for Readers and when you will publish your new article you should keep one thing in mind niche of your readers.

  5. Thanks for sharing such amazing points. These points will truly help me to improve me. it is truely nice article.

  6. Michael says:

    Always write for people!

    • That’s true, but you have to keep SEO in mind all the time. Unfortunately Google isn’t as smart as a human currently, so even if you have the best article in the world, Google might not see it that way if it doesn’t have the proper keywords, title, tags, and so forth.

  7. Vincent Armstead says:

    Readers are those which share their views after reading the post which really matters. If your post has many readers and positive response is gained google will automatically focus on it.

  8. Great post! This really helps others.
    Just want to mention one thing, don’t complicate SEO, just write for humans and SEO will be very easy and it does automatically!

  9. Agreeing with the author, the same thing applies to any other website. Often the content is stuffed with constant repetition of keywords. That sort of content is quite annoying to read to general reader and often leads to high bounce rate on a site. A constructive articles or content which could engage a visitor to read on further is best suggested. Was a great read. Thanks for enlightening some of us.

  10. I think everybody should focus readers first, because doing massive in page SEO can affect readers’ experience. I am focusing my readers from past 2 months and my average time of readers on site has increased dramatically.

  11. Thanks for sharing these tips Harris. These are really helpful. Coming up with an excellent content is not that easy, you need to take note of certain points so you can come up with great an SEO- friendly content that can attract your audience or clients.

    • You are correct, Ces. Writing great content is not an easy task, but if you practice every day, you get better at it just like with everything else. And the more you write, the more ideas you get.

  12. I prefer to write for readers but I have the Yoast plug in to guide me at times when I forget to add in keywords here and there. They really have to come naturally to work well. Sometimes I’ll ignore Yoast and write for the reader, after all they are the ones that will decide to come back or not, right Haris?

    • I tottaly agree Lisa’s words. Yes I too write first for my readers and then seo. It helps in maintaining bounce rate and traffic rate stays stable too. :)
      Thanks Harris for sharing this.

    • Absolutely. Google is trying to become as humanistic as possible so eventually there won’t be any difference between writing for users vs. writing for SEO. But for now, we still have to keep SEO in mind when we write, but priority should always be the users!

  13. The SEO articles surely demand of providing a great set of information as well as entertainment in just one go. The flat writing has never appealed to anyone. The pointers mentioned in the post are excellent. Thanks for the share.

  14. Keyword stuffing is one thing you should forbid yourself from when writing for SEO. Readers these days are smart enough to figure that out and they look for a unique, high-quality article. Thanks for sharing the tips.

    • Yep, keyword stuffing is a big no-no. Not only will it make your article look spammy to your readers, but search engines will also raise a red flag and could potentially penalize your website for it.

  15. All that you’ve included here are worth doing and observing. We have to make sure that readers appreciate our contents and we please SEO in a way too. Both at the same time is one hell of a work. :)

  16. Nice post! It is crucial to write both as for SEO so for the Readers. Establishing a connection with them is the key to your online business future success.

  17. Pleasing SEO and readers can be very challenging and a bit hard to fulfill but once we successfully did it, all things will start to be well in our favor. And so, I agree that this post is very informative and useful! :) Thanks!

  18. Pleasing these two is a constant challenge we have to face everyday as writers. But it’s okay, it’s very fulfilling anyway. :) Right?

  19. True that! Creative creations must come first. They should be our number 1 priority as writers. I’m happy I read your work, it inspires me. :)

  20. Great Article this really Helps other.It is crucial to write both as for SEO so for the Readers.

  21. One reason why we are writing is to benefit the website and at the same time, to share our knowledge to our readers. If we always provide good content that our regular audience/readers share on their own social media profiles, this will help us learn writer effectively for both.

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